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Meals for the week



So one of the things I love about reading food blogs is that it gives me tips and ideas about how actual busy people eat healthy food and stay active. I love me some cookbooks (check out my favorite ones here, although those definitely need some updating), but they aren’t always practical. Like, maybe 1 hour is a normal time for real adults to spend on prepping dinner but that would not jive with my lifestyle, particularly around this time of year. I need 20 minutes or less or I’ll just resort to shovelling avocado pudding into my mouth straight out of the container (also depending on the dish situation, that spoon might just be my finger #ratchet.)

My two favorite blogs, Fitnessista and Carrotsncake both do this regularly and it gives me such great ideas. So I’m going to start doing this, hopefully more often but no promises.

Meal plan this week

1. Broccoli and Carrot noodle sesame stir fry

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I am actually eating this right now and although it doesn’t look that pretty, its delicious. I do not make enough use out of my spiralizer lately, and carrot noodles are the shit! I ended up buying the premarinated teriyaki chicken from Grocery Checkout (ILY <3) and mixing my own impromptu sauce. I have blogged about my never-ending quest for the best stir fry sauce before (and made my own version here), and it still continues. Today I mixed sesame oil, sriracha and honey together (not really measuring, just more sesame than sriracha, and more sriracha than honey) and it was DOPE. I could literally drink sesame oil.

2. BBQ pulled chicken, roasted sweet potatos, avocado and romaine

I made BBQ pulled pork based off of this recipe, and it was amazing (duh). So I’m trying it out with chicken this week to switch it up! Side veggies are my standard baes. I will never tire of sweet potato and avocado.

3. Green Smoothies

While I wouldn’t consider these dinner material on their own, I can pack a lot of calories into my smoothies. Add a hard boiled egg or piece of toast and baby, you’ve got a stew going.

Right now I’m working with a mix of baby kale+spinach, kefir (new to me product, been trying to add more fermented foods to my diet and its great! not scary at all!), whey protein, strawberries and raspberries. Sometimes I’ll add a tablespoon or two of nut butter to beef it up a bit and round out the nutritional composition to include some fats. cuz fat is phat.

4. Lettuce wraps.

For now and for always.

Other interesting stuff

  • I tried Kombucha. I have been reading about this fermented tea for about a year and tbh it sounded absolutely disgusting. Tea that a giant mother bacteria feeds off of and then you drink?? Gross. Legit sounded like the plot of an Alien-type movie sequel. BUT as mentioned above with the Kefir, I’ve been trying to add more fermented foods into my diet. They’re great for gut health, and you can read more about their benefits here . So I gave the ginger version of RISE Kombucha a whirl while suffering from an intense gluten/hangover combo this Sunday, and its actually awesome. Seriously, I wouldn’t touch this stuff for about a year cause I was so grossed out but it does not taste fermented in the slightest. I heard words like “vinegar”, “tangy”, “interesting” associated with kombucha; I would disagree. “Bubbly” and “yummy” is how I would describe it, and it actually settled my stomach really well.
  • Peanut lectins are used to induce atherosclerosis in rodents?! While this study is basically ancient in terms of scientific research, it’s interesting. Essentially, there seems to be something unique about the lectins (proteins) found in peanuts that is atherogenic (cardiovascular disease-inducing) for rabbits and mice. Eliminating peanuts is a small part of the paleo diet that I have mostly ignored because that shit is delicious. Think I’ll make more of an effort, since the cardiovascular focus of my undergrad has instilled in me a serious fear of fatty arteries.
  • The enormous amounts of swag this tiny hip hop dancer has. I’m not really one for youtube video sensations, believing them to be mostly for bored people who have time to watch Ellen and post long facebook statues about their thoughts on politics. BUT this kid is so goddamn fly I can’t help it. Where do you even BUY harem pants that small??

Song for the day- I was in great need of new music and Kendrick came through for me.