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Oh hello there,

I’m Maggie and I love to cook. I’m also an undergraduate student at Queen’s University. This means I don’t get to cook as much as I would like, since I am frequently chaining myself to my desk to review organic chemistry and eating boring things like toast. However, I try to find the time to make some delicious and healthy meals/snacks/desserts to stop myself from going insane, and possibly, getting scurvy.

My favourite foods are chocolate, chili sauce (sriracha 4eva), chai tea, and many many more. I also love Arrested Development, thrift shops, open book exams and downtown Kingston when its warm and sunny.

I believe that healthy food can be delicious, and have started following a vaguely paleo diet. That being said, I never turn down bacon or pizza in any form, and am on a life long quest to find the patio with the best caesar. I’m all about maintaining balance.  I’m going to be posting some of my kitchen experiments and recipes on here, as well as sweet music and anything else that I find interesting. Hope you like it!


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