Avocado Pudding


Ahh the ‘cado obsession continues,

I’ve had avocado pudding before (seriously, it makes the perfect nondairy base for basically everything), but this Edible Perspective recipe changed everything by being low sugar and high protein. Seriously guys, its protein, avocado, bananas, and cocoa powder. Its BASICALLY the healthiest thing ever and tastes like instant pudding. This has been my post-run, end of day snack during these last crazy weeks of my undergrad and its all I can do not to spoon it directly into my mouth whenever I open the fridge. And yes, lately I have been adding protein to everything, from pancakes to pudding, so my snacks tide me over a bit longer. As stated above, it’s that time of year.


An immersion blender makes this really easy…done in literally 5 minutes, and then you have a ready-made, healthy snack at all times. CHA-CHING.


Recipe here (also her photography is INSANE. That and everything I’ve made from her blog has been incredible. She’s definitely one of the more talented and creative food bloggers I follow)

90s song that is really resonating with me right now….


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