Everything that’s very yes right now




So this is just an assortment of food/stuff I’m into lately. Awhile ago, my roommate and I started saying ‘very no’ to stuff we hated. This was inspired by her friend Nick, so I can’t take all credit. Used in sentences:

The original:

“Come watch me try on dresses at American Apparel”

“Very no”

Other uses:

“We should do dishes” “Veeeeeeery no”

“Kris Jenner’s fur vest is very no”

Etc. I am now expanding this to include very yes. And everything on this list is very yes.

1. Clementine Von Radics Poetry- I have been getting into reading poetry before bed lately, but am very fussy on the kind. It can’t be too old or convoluted or abstract. I am not a fan of lengthy, complex metaphors you have to spend hours reading into. I am a fan of simple, emotional poems that make me cry before I realize why. That’s the good shit. Leonard Cohen is the master of this, although I really struggle to listen to his music because tbh, his voice is a bit murder-y. Clementine von Radics is the newest addition to my author list, and I am always looking for suggestions!! Here’s some of her Love Poems.

2. Elaborate lettuce wraps (“Schmaleo Subs“)– These were a game changer. I honestly think they’re better than regular sandwiches, but I might be crazy cause I haven’t eaten non gluten free bread in awhile. BUT I think it’s genius because less bread=more toppings. I have yet to find bread or wraps that can hold the amount of avocado, bacon and carrots I want all at once. When I find romaine leaves big enough for paleo subs I get weird-excited. They often turn into large veggie/meat cones and can be kind of messy but very satisfying. Complete with Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayo

3. Lentil Roti from The Sleepless Goat- I’m very into sitting in the sleepless goat for hours working on interview prep or writing. It makes me feel less like a student trapped in the inescapable Queen’s bubble and more like a real adult who has hobbies and passions and weekends where she pursues these things. To not be an asshole, I order a lot of food and coffee to compensate for the chair I occupy all Sunday afternoon. This roti makes it on my rotation every time.

4. Darlings by Kevin Drew-A little late to the party on this album, but its the perfect blend of happy and mellow music. I find it impossible to listen to music that doesn’t match my mood, and this albums captures my mood lately very well. Pretty content but also a bit weird. Fave songs:

5. Butter Coffee- My two vices in one. The fact that I am willing to risk nearly scalding myself with hot coffee every morning (and also oops spilling coffee all over counter) to make this shit should indicate how good it is. Its like nutty and delicious, and way better than coffee with cream in my opinion. Besides the additional energy boost from the fat, it keeps me satiated for longer, something I like because my mornings are hectic and I don’t often get a real meal until 1 pm. I have since run out of grass fed ghee, so will have to acquire it ASAP.

For more info on butter coffee and its pros/cons

Globe and Mail: Is Butter Coffee Good for You?

Can Coffee Really Improve your Health?


6. GPP workouts- I’ve mentioned GPP before on the blog and it still rules so I brought it back. GPP, or general physical preparedness, is the style of workout CrossFit is based on. But this is like, toned down CrossFit so don’t run for the hills yet. Its simple, circuit based strength workouts and are posted daily on their website for free. It’s great because the workouts are meant to be done consecutively, so you could potentially follow the program and its like a free trainer. Shifting my workouts from separate cardio+strength components to circuit style strength workouts has been great in so many ways. I work out more because I actually enjoy it, and its really helped with my body image. Nothing makes me feel more like a boss ass bitch than being able to lift heavy shit.


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