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Meals for the week



So one of the things I love about reading food blogs is that it gives me tips and ideas about how actual busy people eat healthy food and stay active. I love me some cookbooks (check out my favorite ones here, although those definitely need some updating), but they aren’t always practical. Like, maybe 1 hour is a normal time for real adults to spend on prepping dinner but that would not jive with my lifestyle, particularly around this time of year. I need 20 minutes or less or I’ll just resort to shovelling avocado pudding into my mouth straight out of the container (also depending on the dish situation, that spoon might just be my finger #ratchet.)

My two favorite blogs, Fitnessista and Carrotsncake both do this regularly and it gives me such great ideas. So I’m going to start doing this, hopefully more often but no promises.

Meal plan this week

1. Broccoli and Carrot noodle sesame stir fry

6A2A1527 copy 2

I am actually eating this right now and although it doesn’t look that pretty, its delicious. I do not make enough use out of my spiralizer lately, and carrot noodles are the shit! I ended up buying the premarinated teriyaki chicken from Grocery Checkout (ILY <3) and mixing my own impromptu sauce. I have blogged about my never-ending quest for the best stir fry sauce before (and made my own version here), and it still continues. Today I mixed sesame oil, sriracha and honey together (not really measuring, just more sesame than sriracha, and more sriracha than honey) and it was DOPE. I could literally drink sesame oil.

2. BBQ pulled chicken, roasted sweet potatos, avocado and romaine

I made BBQ pulled pork based off of this recipe, and it was amazing (duh). So I’m trying it out with chicken this week to switch it up! Side veggies are my standard baes. I will never tire of sweet potato and avocado.

3. Green Smoothies

While I wouldn’t consider these dinner material on their own, I can pack a lot of calories into my smoothies. Add a hard boiled egg or piece of toast and baby, you’ve got a stew going.

Right now I’m working with a mix of baby kale+spinach, kefir (new to me product, been trying to add more fermented foods to my diet and its great! not scary at all!), whey protein, strawberries and raspberries. Sometimes I’ll add a tablespoon or two of nut butter to beef it up a bit and round out the nutritional composition to include some fats. cuz fat is phat.

4. Lettuce wraps.

For now and for always.

Other interesting stuff

  • I tried Kombucha. I have been reading about this fermented tea for about a year and tbh it sounded absolutely disgusting. Tea that a giant mother bacteria feeds off of and then you drink?? Gross. Legit sounded like the plot of an Alien-type movie sequel. BUT as mentioned above with the Kefir, I’ve been trying to add more fermented foods into my diet. They’re great for gut health, and you can read more about their benefits here . So I gave the ginger version of RISE Kombucha a whirl while suffering from an intense gluten/hangover combo this Sunday, and its actually awesome. Seriously, I wouldn’t touch this stuff for about a year cause I was so grossed out but it does not taste fermented in the slightest. I heard words like “vinegar”, “tangy”, “interesting” associated with kombucha; I would disagree. “Bubbly” and “yummy” is how I would describe it, and it actually settled my stomach really well.
  • Peanut lectins are used to induce atherosclerosis in rodents?! While this study is basically ancient in terms of scientific research, it’s interesting. Essentially, there seems to be something unique about the lectins (proteins) found in peanuts that is atherogenic (cardiovascular disease-inducing) for rabbits and mice. Eliminating peanuts is a small part of the paleo diet that I have mostly ignored because that shit is delicious. Think I’ll make more of an effort, since the cardiovascular focus of my undergrad has instilled in me a serious fear of fatty arteries.
  • The enormous amounts of swag this tiny hip hop dancer has. I’m not really one for youtube video sensations, believing them to be mostly for bored people who have time to watch Ellen and post long facebook statues about their thoughts on politics. BUT this kid is so goddamn fly I can’t help it. Where do you even BUY harem pants that small??

Song for the day- I was in great need of new music and Kendrick came through for me.



Avocado Pudding


Ahh the ‘cado obsession continues,

I’ve had avocado pudding before (seriously, it makes the perfect nondairy base for basically everything), but this Edible Perspective recipe changed everything by being low sugar and high protein. Seriously guys, its protein, avocado, bananas, and cocoa powder. Its BASICALLY the healthiest thing ever and tastes like instant pudding. This has been my post-run, end of day snack during these last crazy weeks of my undergrad and its all I can do not to spoon it directly into my mouth whenever I open the fridge. And yes, lately I have been adding protein to everything, from pancakes to pudding, so my snacks tide me over a bit longer. As stated above, it’s that time of year.


An immersion blender makes this really easy…done in literally 5 minutes, and then you have a ready-made, healthy snack at all times. CHA-CHING.


Recipe here (also her photography is INSANE. That and everything I’ve made from her blog has been incredible. She’s definitely one of the more talented and creative food bloggers I follow)

90s song that is really resonating with me right now….

Everything that’s very yes right now




So this is just an assortment of food/stuff I’m into lately. Awhile ago, my roommate and I started saying ‘very no’ to stuff we hated. This was inspired by her friend Nick, so I can’t take all credit. Used in sentences:

The original:

“Come watch me try on dresses at American Apparel”

“Very no”

Other uses:

“We should do dishes” “Veeeeeeery no”

“Kris Jenner’s fur vest is very no”

Etc. I am now expanding this to include very yes. And everything on this list is very yes.

1. Clementine Von Radics Poetry- I have been getting into reading poetry before bed lately, but am very fussy on the kind. It can’t be too old or convoluted or abstract. I am not a fan of lengthy, complex metaphors you have to spend hours reading into. I am a fan of simple, emotional poems that make me cry before I realize why. That’s the good shit. Leonard Cohen is the master of this, although I really struggle to listen to his music because tbh, his voice is a bit murder-y. Clementine von Radics is the newest addition to my author list, and I am always looking for suggestions!! Here’s some of her Love Poems.

2. Elaborate lettuce wraps (“Schmaleo Subs“)– These were a game changer. I honestly think they’re better than regular sandwiches, but I might be crazy cause I haven’t eaten non gluten free bread in awhile. BUT I think it’s genius because less bread=more toppings. I have yet to find bread or wraps that can hold the amount of avocado, bacon and carrots I want all at once. When I find romaine leaves big enough for paleo subs I get weird-excited. They often turn into large veggie/meat cones and can be kind of messy but very satisfying. Complete with Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayo

3. Lentil Roti from The Sleepless Goat- I’m very into sitting in the sleepless goat for hours working on interview prep or writing. It makes me feel less like a student trapped in the inescapable Queen’s bubble and more like a real adult who has hobbies and passions and weekends where she pursues these things. To not be an asshole, I order a lot of food and coffee to compensate for the chair I occupy all Sunday afternoon. This roti makes it on my rotation every time.

4. Darlings by Kevin Drew-A little late to the party on this album, but its the perfect blend of happy and mellow music. I find it impossible to listen to music that doesn’t match my mood, and this albums captures my mood lately very well. Pretty content but also a bit weird. Fave songs:

5. Butter Coffee- My two vices in one. The fact that I am willing to risk nearly scalding myself with hot coffee every morning (and also oops spilling coffee all over counter) to make this shit should indicate how good it is. Its like nutty and delicious, and way better than coffee with cream in my opinion. Besides the additional energy boost from the fat, it keeps me satiated for longer, something I like because my mornings are hectic and I don’t often get a real meal until 1 pm. I have since run out of grass fed ghee, so will have to acquire it ASAP.

For more info on butter coffee and its pros/cons

Globe and Mail: Is Butter Coffee Good for You?

Can Coffee Really Improve your Health?


6. GPP workouts- I’ve mentioned GPP before on the blog and it still rules so I brought it back. GPP, or general physical preparedness, is the style of workout CrossFit is based on. But this is like, toned down CrossFit so don’t run for the hills yet. Its simple, circuit based strength workouts and are posted daily on their website for free. It’s great because the workouts are meant to be done consecutively, so you could potentially follow the program and its like a free trainer. Shifting my workouts from separate cardio+strength components to circuit style strength workouts has been great in so many ways. I work out more because I actually enjoy it, and its really helped with my body image. Nothing makes me feel more like a boss ass bitch than being able to lift heavy shit.

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes




So this recipe comes after literal YEARS of trial and error. As a lover of both pancakes and nutrition, I have gotten very into the healthy pancake scene. Banana egg pancakes, protein pancakes, plantain pancakes, you name it. Avocado pancakes…no I’m kidding but you best believe I will google that in a minute because its probably friggin fantastic.


So after you’ve gone out and made those pancakes, come back and make these ones. I have been working towards a sweet potato pancake recipe for ages, and the main issue was that I just didn’t feel I needed to follow a recipe so would throw stuff in a bowl and then curse loudly when the pancake turned more into sweet potato protein scramble (not bad, but not the desired results). But HAHA I figured it out, no recipe required. Only took a few years…..

The main trick was coconut flour. Basically the flour equivalent of sand, it can be tricky to work with. It makes all baked goods dry as fuuuuuck. However, when trying to make a vegetable into a pancake, that is exactly what you want. I have made a variation of this without the coconut flour, just added extra protein, but it didnt flip or rise as well, so you’ve been warned.

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes


Makes 4 medium sized pancakes (I usually halve this for single serving, or I make double and freeze!)


  • 1/2 cup mashed sweet potato
  • 1 scoop protein powder of choice (I recommend a neutral flavor)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 c almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup honey (note: I usually leave this out, since protein powder is often sweetened and I like to add maple syrup)
  • 2 Tbsp coconut flour (if leaving out: add 1/2 scoop more of protein powder)



  1. Mix all ingredients together and puree (hand blenders are great here). The consistency is key: it shouldnt be too runny. I usually add everything but the almond milk and see where I’m at. If it drips off the spoon, you’re good and don’t need to add much.
  2. Pour into greased pan on medium low heat, let cook for  while. Longer than the average pancake. Be patient its amazing and its good for you.
  3. Flip!!
  4. Let cook on other side
  5. Remove from eat and serve with bacon

Side note: my flipping game changed instantly when I bought a fish spatula

They’re good for fish because they’re skinny and long, so make flipping delicate items like fish easier. You know what else is delicate? Fried eggs. Pancakes. Fritters. Seriously, I love this spatula. Save yourself (and your fried eggs) and stop using those chunky plastic spatulas immediately.

This is my current workout jam; “you can all run naked backwards through a field of dicks” is one of my favorite lines.

On Body Image



Long time no blog! I’m six  five (fuck) weeks from graduation, and approximately one more responsibility away from a nervous breakdown. Just kidding, I’ve discovered that being in fourth year means its basically impossible for me to get super stressed about school. It’ll all work out….riiiiiiight? However, there is a lot going on and the blog always falls by the wayside in those situations. But I’ve missed you!!

Today’s post has been brewing in my mind for awhile, and its a bit of a departure from my usual hilarious witty amazing food blog posts. But it’s something I really feel needs to be addressed more, particularly among women around my age (and if were being honest, around my school). So let’s jump right in:

The collective relationship young women have with their bodies and body image is pretty abysmal. The insecurity girls have regarding their size and weight is so palpable on campus I feel like I can hear the calories being counted when I’m in the crowd of people trying to what to buy from the campus grocery store bulk bin (#plantainschips4eva). While my thoughts surrounding eating disorders could be contained in an entirely separate blog, the thing that made me want to write this post specifically was a conversation I overheard recently at the gym:

Girl 1: I can’t wait to go out tonight, I’ve already planned my drunk food.

Girl 2: Yeah, and we already burned it off at the gym!

The fact that this conversation probably surprises no one infuriates me. Because my follow up question, had I actually been invited to this conversation and wasn’t eavesdropping like the lurk I am, would have been why do you have to burn it off at all? why can’t you just eat what you want? And I expect my answer would have been “Because we might get fat”.

angry animated GIF

(lol this hypothetical conversation is getting me so heated).

This is just many of the ways I’ve noticed young women create this breeding ground for eating disorders within their relationships. We are constantly tangling our feelings regarding food, body image, and fitness into one confusing web, and subconsciously project this on to others. Maybe poor Girl 1 just wanted to debate the pros and cons of pizza vs pounair for her drunk food of choice and then BAM Girl 2 is like hey dont forget, you needed to burn that drunk food off in order to deserve it. And this happens all the time! Just the other day I was at dinner and a friend said she was ordering fries because she went to the gym today, and everyone nodded and agreed with her. I get that these are usually jokes, but I think jokes like that just perpetuate this unhealthy culture in which we as women can’t just eat what we want and be happy about it. Can you imagine if someone said to your friend “Hey, I see you’re ordering fries, I’m guessing you went to the gym then? Better burn that off!” That would be blasphemy. A girl riot would ensue (at least among my friends). And yet, by saying that kind of shit about yourself out loud to your friends, those are the  standards you’re setting up for them.

Another way I’ve noticed women tend to propagate this culture of disordered eating is by associating personality traits with physical appearance. Examples of this:

“Oh I love Anna! She’s so pretty”

“I don’t know why he’d go for her over you, you’re way hotter”

“Ugh I don’t really like her, and she wears way too much makeup”

mean girls animated GIF

This one is tough because a lot of the time, women compliment each other to boost each other up and express that they like each other. Which I think is great! But by focusing on appearance, ultimately you’re just stressing that that’s what’s worth complimenting. And obviously the converse is when we’re all being gossipy bitches and someone says they don’t like so and so for blank reasons, one of which includes something about their physical appearance. I get it, gossip happens. It can be very therapeutic sometimes. But by saying to your friends that you think a valid reason for not liking someone includes the way they look, you’re really telling your friends that they have to look a certain way to be liked, by you and, implicitly, by others.

I know that a lot of these examples are really projections of internal insecurity, and aren’t meant maliciously. As human beings, we need a lot of social approval and contact, and I think its natural that we subconsciously reflect our thoughts onto others. And I will never fault someone for feeling insecure about their body, its a tough world out there as a young woman. But what I really want is for women (I guess specifically my friends since lets be real no one else reads this blog) to be more cognizant of what they say to other women regarding their own body image. One comment may not make the biggest difference, but one comment a few times a day from a few different people can really shape how you think about body image.

So give it a shot; don’t ask your friend if shes lost weight because she looks great lately, just ask her how shes doing. Don’t joke with your friends that were all going to get so fat after eating this bag of chips, just eat what you want and enjoy their company. Because you never know when someone is struggling, and it would really be a happier and healthier world if we, as young women, could stop hating on our bodies for a little bit.

This song is very yes right now