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Is that a giant banana? and other questions about plantains



lol at how old this post is (my birthday is in October…), but I like the recap so I’m posting it anyways. So school got away from me there. School and turning 22! Had my birthday recently and it was excellent, thanks for asking. I’m apparently the odd one out in my friend group cause I love getting older. Maybe it’s because I’m finally learning and doing what I want in school, or because I’m putting more and more years between me and my painfully awkward middle school experience.


{or maybe cuz my friends give me cupcakes and bedazzled bottles of champagne #ohfuckya}

So the other day my roomie and I were discussing how I have about 10 foods I just rotate around in my diet (we spend a lot of time together, the conversations tend to get a bit weird).

  1. Eggs (honestly, I’ve had to make a self imposed 4 egg/day limit or else I’d put an egg on everything I eat)
  2. Avocado
  3. Sweet potato/kabocha squash
  4. Kale
  5. Plantains
  6. Coconut anything
  7. Sausage/chicken
  8. Bacon
  9. Apples
  10. Black/blueberries

You could legit put most of these things in a bowl together and it would be delicious. Which basically sums up my meals lately.

So wtf is a plantain?

Plantains in the market

Plantains are really only number 5 because they’re hard to find here in Kingston. I love them so so so much. They’re quite versatile, because they transition from savory to sweet as they ripen, and can be cooked relatively quickly. Also, they are naturally gluten free and are a fun way to switch up the carb component of my meals. They have a similar nutrition profile to both bananas and sweet potatoes:

1 cup of sliced raw plantains 1 cup sliced raw bananas 1 cup of cubed raw sweet potatoes
Energy 181 calories 133 calories 114 calories
Carbohydrates 47 grams 34 grams 27 grams
Vitamin A* 33% DV 2% 377%
Vitamin C 45% 22% 5%
Vitamin B6 22% 28% 14%
Pantothenic Acid 4% 5% 11%
Magnesium 14% 10% 8%
Potassium 21% 15% 13%
Copper 6% 6% 10%
Manganese None 20% 17%

I can usually get them from Food Basics, and frequently trek down there for the sole purpose of buying as many plantains as can fit in my backpack (for the curious mind: about 10-12 depending on if my laptop is already in there).

I get a lot of questions about plantains, from both friends/fam and the people who work at the grocery store. Questions like, whats wrong with that banana? or what do you do with that? And thus, this blog post was born. Here’s what you do with plantains!!!


1. Plantain fries with overeasy eggs–>very reminiscent of soft boiled eggs with those toast “soliders” my dad made me as a kid. New respect for my dad, its friggin impossible to get a perfectly runny softboiled egg.

2. Plantain pancakes–>this is HANDS DOWN the best paleo pancake recipe out there. The paleo mom is probably my fave paleo blog, and I’ve posted about it many times. Just give this a shot, you honestly will not regret it. Sometimes I add a scoop of protein powder to them cuz GAINZ bro.

3. Plantain muffin–>sort of cheating cause you just use the plantain pancake recipe above and put it in muffin tins but still great!

4. Caramelized mashed plantains –>using plantains for their sweet side, something I don’t do often.

5. Pan roasted plantains with guac–>should be intuitive thus no recipe posted

6. Plantain bread by Purely twins–>haven’t mustered the effort to make this plantain bread, and I’ve seen several recipes posted on various blogs, but I am intrigued.


A friend showed me this cover the other day and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since