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A day in the life of a messy, hungry Life Sci student


Remnant post from the October blog challenge that was mildly successful. A day in the life of ~*~*~*me~*~*~*. This blog thing is quite self involved sometimes, I find it surprising that anyone wants to read about my life but I know I like these posts from other bloggers. I guess we’re all a bit nosy.

12:15 AM Finish writing paper due at 8:30. It has been this kind of day.

1 AM Got way too wrapped up in Lena Dunham’s new book, Not That Kind of Girl. LOVE IT. I find her writing so unique and interesting, and she tackles much more serious topics than her show would suggest. There are also certain parts where I feel like she is writing down thoughts from my brain.

1:30 AM Watch episode of Parks and Rec. Have moment where I identify almost too strongly with a scene in which Ann throws a party and its totally lame and she does a shot alone in her kitchen. I believe this happens to me on every birthday.

{literally how does Rashida Jones look cute in this}

2 AM Fuuuuck I should be asleep, why do I do this to myself

8 AM. Wake up and realize I still have to print my paper. That is due in half an hour. This gets me out of bed

830-1100 AM. Cardiorespiratory Seminar. Favorite class this semester, although competition’s not too fierce cause I’m in a few electives.


{A photo of my seminar prof wearing a sleep apnea mask–>those things are horrible. my sympathies to anyone who has sleep apnea}

1100 Scored big breakfast deal at the caf. It is actually pretty shit, and the bacon is most definitely microwave, but it is convenient and in the same building as my class. THE END


{Not mine, cause I almost always ditch the toast for a third egg. But I ate mine too quick and wanted a pic for the blog soooo I snapped my friends. #hungryhungryhippo}

1230-530. Class, Lab, Class. I get some positive and negative results in my experiments, so this leaves me emotionally neutral. I am struggling to get anything done today because yesterday was so stressful I feel like I’m still recovering. I think my stamina for stress has decreased substantially since second year. My definition of a hectic day now would make my second year self laugh.


{science rulez}

530-Run to Lake Ontario Park. I have been trying to get out here and look at the pretty leaves/appreciate nature all week but it has been raining every day. Finish the run hungry and with a blister.

7 pm. Realize that last time I showered my shampoo did not penetrate the under layers of my hair and now they are so sweaty and gross. Am forced to wash hair twice in two days, reluctantly.

730 pm. Eat huge delicious dinner. Cabbage, onion, garlic sausage on Yukon Gold potatoes (which are increeeedible roasted). It occurs to me that this is my second potato serving of the day and I feel this would make my Irish mother proud.

8 pm. Get drink with friend, cause its Thursday night baby and I’M ALIVE.

Hannah Girls HBO - its wednesday night baby and i'm alive

Song for today: these guys played at Clark on Tuesday and killed it!


Snacks lately


So apparently this is a food blog? And I’m supposed to post about food? I’ve definitely noticed a lack of creativity in the kitchen, mostly because assembling actual meals seems a bit ridiculous. But I’m still into substantial snacks, and these are the ones I’ve been into lately

Qualifications for a good snack (as declared by me)

  • Must be nutritious. Chocolate is not a snack, even if you eat half a bar.
  • Must take less than 10 minute to assemble
  • Must be in the 200-300 calorie ball park

I know a lot of “snack packs” are 100 calories or less or some shit, but that just does not work for my lifestyle. I don’t like to spend my whole day obsessing about food. I like to not be hungry. This means I have to eat more calories at one sitting! Honestly, accepting this philosophy took a lot of time for me, and has been really integral in my continuing positive relationship with food.

1. Pan roasted plantains with quick guac (mashed avocado, salt, garlic powder). carb city bitch. Oven-Roasted Plantain Chips

{gonna try this recipe for oven roasted plantains soon!!)

Bonus: now that said plantains are too sweet for savory snacking, I’ll be blending em into pancakes

2. Bananas and berries with coconut butter/milk and cinnamon.

bananas and blueb


Honestly, is anything covered in coconut milk not good? I have recently discovered that it is worth the splurge to get Thai Kitchen brand, it is so so much better in terms of texture and separation. No more 99c Grace coconut milk for me (but I will never stop buying their 8$ coconut oil, too much of a steal).

3. Microwaved chopped apple with cinnamon and cashew butter

vaguely reminiscent of pie, never a bad thing

4. Gluten free toast with 1/2 mashed avocado and a hard boiled egg (multiply this by two and that’s breakfast)


Breakfast with a side of study notes before a midterm.

There you have it! Although snacks 1 and 4 aren’t super portable, I often bring chopped apple and nut butter in a tupperware to the lab with me if I’m going to be here all day.


A friend showed me this artist last week, and I’ve been pretty obsessed