Weekly Meal Plan: Feelin Paleo


Yes, I realize it is technically the end of the week but I am a university student so none of that matters. Sometimes I go out on a Tuesday and spend my Saturday nights in the library. Such is academia.

The benefits of getting my groceries at the end of the week is being able to go to the farmer’s market! I mentioned in my blog challenge post that I’m trying to get more of my groceries from the market, since this is essentially the food equivalent of using Rideshare: everyone benefits. It’s been a bit tough to achieve this goal because I’ve been away the past two weekends, but here’s what I’m hoping to make:


Plantains, pulled pork, cado–>this meal is everything I could possibly want. I’ll probably put it on greens cause I tend to not eat enough vegetable. If the food basics near me ever starts carrying plantains again I will buy THEM ALL. this will also be my first foray into pulled pork/accepting that I actually eat pork now.

I was a “vegetarian” for about 8 years, and I have gradually started accepting that I actually like a lot of meat and should just eat it. But theres this weird part of me still clings to the idea that I’m still sort of veggie and I find myself coming up with excuses for buying bacon or pork sausage. Time to stop the internal angst: I like meat. I will buy pork. But still not beef cause it tastes like blood.

Pizza Spagetti Pie –>I’m skeptical about this recipe but I’ve read so so many reviews of it and it seems convenient. I just don’t believe that the spaghetti squash doesn’t make it a soggy mess and also I friggen adore pizza in its natural form so I question if it comes close. But Im flexible, I can try.

I’ll probably concoct one more meal from whatever veggies look good at the market. I’m craving some beets!!


Lettuce wraps! I’m going to try roasting chicken breasts for these cause I can’t seem to find deli meat without weird ingredients. That would also give me the option of making chicken salad. However, I will try looking again because I am laaaaazy.



Paleo Morning Glory Muffins –>I am PSYCHED for these. The morning glory muffins at the Sleepless Goat are my faves, and I’ve missed them since trying to eat more Paleo.


Roasted kabocha squash–>cant get enough of this lately. Put it in a bowl with some ghee, cinnamon and maple sugar then go to town.

We’ll see how many impulse buys I make at the market…I just can’t resist pretty vegetables.

A sad song because I am in a mood


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