Seven nonacademic lessons I’ve learned from being at Queen’s




Hope you all are enjoying the steady drizzle of rain we’ve been having here in Kingston….I say as it just starts to rain. At least it’s not snowing YET. It’s strange to find myself in the middle of midterm season already! I find that Thanksgiving is always the point at which the rest of the semester starts to race by.

Speaking of Thanksgiving


How cute is this pumpkin display my mom made?? The squirrels are feasting their tiny little hearts out on it, but I was super impressed. I also did not know pumpkins could cost that much…will not disclose the amount in the unlikely event that my dad is reading my blog.


Homemade vanilla extract! My baby sis made these for me for my bday. I now have almost a litre of vanilla (not complaining). If you wanna see how to make it, she has her own blog and posted about it here! Blog baby!

So continuing with #OBC (which will likely extend to November #myblogmyrules): 7 Life Lessons

I’ve actually had this post in my head for awhile, since I’m in my last year at Queen’s, so I changed this to be 7 nonacademic lesson I learned at Queen’s!



{gratuitous campus Ivy shot}

1. Leggings are not pants, but many girls refuse to acknowledge this. I was guilty of this in my experimental high school phase (~rebel~) but at almost 22 I think it’s tacky. HELP I’M TURNING INTO MY MOM.

2. Dental care is expensive, and cavities hurt. Sorry for the repeated discussion of my dental issues but I am no longer a member of the Cavity Free Kids wall and I’m taking it rather hard.

3. You WILL take notes on your computer and drink coffee by fourth year. No matter how resolved you are to not do these things in first year.

4. Diversity is something I appreciate in the population that surrounds me. That is all I will say on this matter.

5. The consistent wet, snowy weather will wear you down. Eventually you will find yourself seriously discussing the differences between water resistant and waterproof footwear, and would sell your soul for a cute, 100 % waterproof, and warm shoe.



{left is water proof, right is water resistant. THE DECISION}

6. The Freshman 15 is kind of a misnomer. More like the Normal-Life-fluctuations-in-weight 15.  Guess what, you probably won’t be the same weight you were in high school again. You were barely an adult then. It’s pretty normal for your weight to go up and down a few pounds for your whole life. This is not terrible, or unusual.

7. Kingston is a very cool and unique place. As someone from Toronto, who looooooved Toronto, I was skeptical of moving to a place with no subway line and felt like I was only going for the education. But being able to walk everywhere, live right on the water, and have easy access to a daily farmer’s market as well as get a great education is pretty cool. Much, much cooler than having to suffer through the TTC every day. Also there is a fantastic live music scene here. Thanks to the Vault for assisting me with this discovery!!!!


Some of this awesome live music: Craig Cardiff. This song is making me weepy lately


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