6 pet peeves + Faileo BBQ sauce


OBC is still going! I’m as shocked as anyone.

6 pet peeves of mine

1. Not being introduced to someone who my friend runs into. Or any variation of this!! This is probably the only pet peeve I actually rant about in real life, because I think it’s so lame and antisocial if you don’t introduce two people who obviously don’t know each other and they just have to stand there like losers. Maybe it’s because I’m always the loser in that situation, and not the fun chill friend with lots of acquaintances to run into, but I think it’s just good manners.

2.People who ask questions in class and obviously don’t have a real question but just want everyone to know they have thoughts. Just because you CAN ask a question, doesn’t mean you have to.

3. Cropped sweaters. WHERE is the logic in this?? Being an employee at American Apparel, I am exposed to this trend a lot and I am fiercely resisting it. My tummy gets cold k? We don’t need to crop everything.

{Her blank stare says it all: “cropped sweaters are fucking stupid”}

4. When movies show people wearing shoes while hanging out in their bed. No. Just no. No one in the history of real life would do this. Beds are sacred.

5. Overpriced kale. Kale costs literally nothing. You can’t get it to STOP growing. Grocery stores just raise the price cause they think its “fancy” and foodies are obsessed with it (guilty).

{the price a bunch of kale should be}

6. Large groups of people who don’t make room for someone walking the opposite direction but instead just smash into you and act all apologetic and surprised. YOU SAW ME COMING. you won’t lose all your friends if you walk in the front for a second. Or maybe you will, you guys seem lame anyways.

Coming up with 6 was kind of a struggle! While I tend to go on rants about things I hate a fair amount, I don’t write them down so remembering them all was tough.

So I attemped homemade BBQ sauce the other day….turned out more like tangy smoky marinara. I want to develop a quick recipe because I LOVE diana sauce but its so full of sugar and preservatives I don’t want to use it. There are a fair amount of Paleo sauce recipes, and I attempted this one, but it was way too tomato-y. I think just using tomato paste, and no tomatoes or onions would help with that? Not sure though.

Anyone out there try homemade BBQ sauce before? Any tips?

Song of the day; wish I could roll around in bed listening to this and eat plantain chips


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