Story of the blog + 3 ingredient chocolate


So for the OBC I’m supposed to post an outfit of the day but I feel like a huge wiener taking a selfie for the blog so NEXT.

-Story behind your blog name.

Weeeeellll this story is not that inventive. I wanted to name my blog strawberryseason, because at the time of blog-ception I was obsessed with Ontario strawberries (still am actually..) and liked the alliteration.

However, strawberryseason is NOT my blog name. The domain was taken, and I will note that hasn’t actually posted anything since 2011 so you tell me who’s blog is better. I went with chocolatechilichai because it sounded fun and those are some of my fave ingredients. THEN I discovered it is also a David’s tea. Serendipity, my friends.

{this tea is dope}

Since that was a shortie, I want to share my most recent obsession: 3 ingredient chocolate!!!!!!!

This recipe was born out of necessity. I needed chocolate, yet I had none. Nothing for a choco-fiend to do but get creative. Also, made use of my cute, fancy tin of Maldon flaked sea salt which entirely justifies it’s crazy price. this LITERALLY takes 5 minutes; I actually just went and made it again in the middle of writing this post.

However, if you don’t like coconut flavor, steer clear. While it is subtle, its definitely there and I know some people hate it.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Recipe

  • 3/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup high quality cocoa powder
  • 1/4-1/2 c maple syrup (could probably use honey)

Feel free to add some flaked sea salt on top if you want!

Mix together evenly, microwaving coconut oil to keep it liquid if necessary. Pour into mold of some form (I’m using silicon muffin trays, they rule), and freeze. Eat directly out of the freezer, they melt kinda quick! Think I’m gonna pour this over sliced ripe banana and make little frozen choco-covered bananas next time (edit: nope this was a bad idea. Don’t recommend)

Also note for all Kingston pals: Tara’s sells Callebaut brand Cocoa powder in bulk!! Its really affordable since you only have to buy what you need and its honestly the best cocoa powder I’ve had. Since I was once an employee of the Nutty Chocolatier, I would like to say I’m a chocolate expert, but really I only remember 2 things from that experience:

1. British choc.olate always tastes better cause they don’t put wax in it and 2. You cannot eat fudge as a snack without gaining a few.

Song for today! Saw these guys at the COOLEST new place on campus, the Isabel! This is by far my favorite song by them, it makes me wanna slow dance and drink champagne and stay up late.


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