Top 5 most significant movies


#OBC going strong!

So I changed top 5 fave movies to top 5 most significant movies in my life cause that will be much more amusing/interesting.

1. Dirty Dancing

This is adolescent Maggie’s dream life. Kinda awkward, curly haired teen falls in love at a summer resort with an older guy who can dance and it pisses her parents off. I had the sound track and would choreograph synchronized swimming routines to it by myself at my cottage. Not even cute dance routines with my cousins that I could watch and laugh at later. SOLO synchro routines, performed with the intensity of an Olympian but the skill of a dead fish. Probably watched it 50 times, and tbh I still think it’s great.

2. 500 days of summer.

I have no real explanation, except that I like this movie’s soundtrack and feel and I have been trying to find replicas of it’s serious-but-nonchalant attitude ever since.

3. The Saw series.

{no picture cause I’m too scared to google it}

Fun fact! My birthday is on Halloween. For most of middle school, this was the same day that the new Saw movie was released in theatres. This meant that EVERY YEAR, me and the absurdly large group of friends I had to have around me at all times (kids…) would go to the theatres to “celebrate”. I am literally so scared of those movies I start sweating when I hear the opening theme music. But I was apparently more scared of being uncool than nightmares cause I toughed it out, thanked my pack of friends for buying my ticket, internally congratulated myself for being so popular and cool, then proceeded to sleep in my parent’s bed that night.

4. Lord of the Rings Series

My sister and I watch these movies every Christmas break, extended version. That’s almost 2 full days of movie when you factor in the special features (which you should…). My fave is definitely the second, Two Towers. Maximal Aragorn/Legolas time, minimal angsty frodo, and several epic battles.

5. Rear Window

Fucking Grace Kelly. Her clothes, her hair, and she’s even some kind of ROYALTY? I can’t deal with that kind of class. My mom is really into old movies (as is my grandmother, but I guess they’re just movies to her?), particularly Hitchcock,  so I have some pretty fond memories of getting to stay up late cause some classic came on and I had to see it. Also pretty sure my appreciation/obsession for vintage clothes came from idolizing Old Hollywood actresses. This was always my favorite Hitchcock, partly because Grace Kelly was more elegant than my preteen self could handle, and also because Jimmy Stewart is a cutie.

{She wears this to visit him at his apartment…..}

Hope you enjoyed. Here’s song of the day: Take me out by Wooden Sky. I’m seeing them tomorrow and am pretty excited!


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