Thankful Tuesday


Whoa, look who’s back!

This post is nicely timed for Thanksgiving weekend. Wish I planned this, but I will capitalize on it nonetheless. In order to prevent me from getting extremely emotional and spending an eternity on this post, I’m gonna list smaller scale things I’m thankful for. I am obviously happy to be alive/have a roof over my head/be getting a great education/have free healthcare etc.


  1. Pumpkin chai season at David’s tea. YA IM BASIC K? I friggen love pumpkin spice everything and will drink pumpkin tea and light pumpkin candles and blather on about the beauty of fall and the changing leaves to my hearts’ content. But really, this tea is all I need. I try to limit my David’s obsession cause I have graduated from a tea shelf to a full on tea drawer, but honestly its their best tea.
  2. Skype, Facetime, snapchat, emoji, unlimited canada wide calling–>All the wonders of technology that make communicating in a long distance relationship easier and better. Dr Boyfriend moved to Dal to start med school and being able to see his face makes it way more bearable.
  3. Getting to hang with my sister/friends/mom/family this weekend. Also, love that I actually have a pretty chill week after it and can just appreciate my time at home instead of halfheartedly trying to study.
    1. RELATED: going to FRESH with my hip little friend Emma.

{quinoa onion rings are healthy right?!}

4. The Office. I have watched this show so so so many times but I love it and think it’s brilliant. I get so many chills/tears/feels during the series finale I have to watch it alone and in the dark.


5. My new apartment’s proximity to campus. Forgot my laptop charger? No problem. Need a snack? Better make it homemade. Should go to the gym but am too lazy? Too bad fucker you live right beside it now.

6. FALL CLOTHES. bring on the jeans, flannel, leather coats, closed toed shoes, SOCKS. Always been my favorite season, and always will be.

Sweetheart Chain Scarf in Toasted Coconut

{fueling my two obsessions: etsy and scarves. Pretty into this chain link scarf }

See ya later with more #octoberbloggingchallenge!

Pretty into this July Talk song.




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