Hey guys

Weeeoooo where did September go? Actually, I know the answer to that. September went to med applications, may they rest in peace. School is pretty good, for once I feel like I have a relatively manageable workload. It’s usually this time of year that I have an ‘oh shit’ moment where I realize I am way too over committed and have to scale back on something. Generally sleep, socializing, exercise (#priorities). But not this time! FOURTH YEAR IS CHILL.

I do miss feeling like I’m learning more. Between my seminars and thesis project, I’ve noticed that this year is a lot of self directed study. While this is cool and a nice change of pace, there is something to be said for quickly understanding a wide variety of concepts presented by an expert. Spending hours trying to understand a research paper kinda makes you forget how cool the subject is to begin with.

So I’ve noticed a trend in my blogging habits….I try to rejuvenate the blog by coming up with some new challenge then inevitably get too busy and it dies. But obviously I’ve learned nothing from this observation cause I’m doing it AGAIN! Enter the #octoberblogchallenge

IMG 8480

So I’m just gonna jump right in since I’m six days behind….

Goals for October!

I’m always so impressed by bloggers who do this monthly goal thing. I feel like the months in a semester just…happen to me. But here we go! I’m going to make this more interesting for all my readers and make these non school related.

  1. Actually do this challenge. I know it won’t be a daily thing, but I wanna try and do every few days!! My blog is one of my favorite activities and it does not get the attention it deserves.
  2. Shop at the farmers market more often (related: drag BFF to market with me)
    1. I’ve always loved the hippy granola culture of Kingston, despite the fact that this means they don’t put fluoride in their water and I got a zillion cavities after moving here. LESSON TO ALL FIRST YEARS: go see your dentist a lot. Fillings are expensive. Tangent aside, the farmers market in the square is incredible!!! I had never actually gone grocery shopping there before this past weekend. I would usually just go and pick up a few things, but it was fun to get everything there (and within budget!). Grass fed pork, sugar free bacon, free range eggs and the best squashes known to man will all be mine


{Feeling smug from the most local meal I ever concocted. All found at market. Grass fed apple sage ground sausage, roasted kabocha squash and sauteed kale nd apples. All mixed with this legendary sweet and smoky mustard I can’t stop eating.

3. Get in two morning workouts a week

  1. I absolutely despise working out in the morning but I am getting busier and it seems like a good habit to start getting into. Fun fact: I used to be a high level synchronized swimmer (LOL) and would wake up at 5 am every morning to train. It was horrible, and partly responsible for why I am no longer a synchronized swimmer. That and honestly, I wasn’t like the fucking picasso of synchro and it seemed wiser to focus on school.

4. FLOSS MORE–> this is related to the dental issues mentioned in 2.

THE END. I need to be realistic here, academia still reigns supreme in my life.

Chill song to wrap up the day–>feeling nostalgic about sweating through my bra at Osheaga while listening to these guys and hanging with my main man.


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