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Weekly Meal Plan: Feelin Paleo


Yes, I realize it is technically the end of the week but I am a university student so none of that matters. Sometimes I go out on a Tuesday and spend my Saturday nights in the library. Such is academia.

The benefits of getting my groceries at the end of the week is being able to go to the farmer’s market! I mentioned in my blog challenge post that I’m trying to get more of my groceries from the market, since this is essentially the food equivalent of using Rideshare: everyone benefits. It’s been a bit tough to achieve this goal because I’ve been away the past two weekends, but here’s what I’m hoping to make:


Plantains, pulled pork, cado–>this meal is everything I could possibly want. I’ll probably put it on greens cause I tend to not eat enough vegetable. If the food basics near me ever starts carrying plantains again I will buy THEM ALL. this will also be my first foray into pulled pork/accepting that I actually eat pork now.

I was a “vegetarian” for about 8 years, and I have gradually started accepting that I actually like a lot of meat and should just eat it. But theres this weird part of me still clings to the idea that I’m still sort of veggie and I find myself coming up with excuses for buying bacon or pork sausage. Time to stop the internal angst: I like meat. I will buy pork. But still not beef cause it tastes like blood.

Pizza Spagetti Pie –>I’m skeptical about this recipe but I’ve read so so many reviews of it and it seems convenient. I just don’t believe that the spaghetti squash doesn’t make it a soggy mess and also I friggen adore pizza in its natural form so I question if it comes close. But Im flexible, I can try.

I’ll probably concoct one more meal from whatever veggies look good at the market. I’m craving some beets!!


Lettuce wraps! I’m going to try roasting chicken breasts for these cause I can’t seem to find deli meat without weird ingredients. That would also give me the option of making chicken salad. However, I will try looking again because I am laaaaazy.



Paleo Morning Glory Muffins –>I am PSYCHED for these. The morning glory muffins at the Sleepless Goat are my faves, and I’ve missed them since trying to eat more Paleo.


Roasted kabocha squash–>cant get enough of this lately. Put it in a bowl with some ghee, cinnamon and maple sugar then go to town.

We’ll see how many impulse buys I make at the market…I just can’t resist pretty vegetables.

A sad song because I am in a mood


Seven nonacademic lessons I’ve learned from being at Queen’s




Hope you all are enjoying the steady drizzle of rain we’ve been having here in Kingston….I say as it just starts to rain. At least it’s not snowing YET. It’s strange to find myself in the middle of midterm season already! I find that Thanksgiving is always the point at which the rest of the semester starts to race by.

Speaking of Thanksgiving


How cute is this pumpkin display my mom made?? The squirrels are feasting their tiny little hearts out on it, but I was super impressed. I also did not know pumpkins could cost that much…will not disclose the amount in the unlikely event that my dad is reading my blog.


Homemade vanilla extract! My baby sis made these for me for my bday. I now have almost a litre of vanilla (not complaining). If you wanna see how to make it, she has her own blog and posted about it here! Blog baby!

So continuing with #OBC (which will likely extend to November #myblogmyrules): 7 Life Lessons

I’ve actually had this post in my head for awhile, since I’m in my last year at Queen’s, so I changed this to be 7 nonacademic lesson I learned at Queen’s!



{gratuitous campus Ivy shot}

1. Leggings are not pants, but many girls refuse to acknowledge this. I was guilty of this in my experimental high school phase (~rebel~) but at almost 22 I think it’s tacky. HELP I’M TURNING INTO MY MOM.

2. Dental care is expensive, and cavities hurt. Sorry for the repeated discussion of my dental issues but I am no longer a member of the Cavity Free Kids wall and I’m taking it rather hard.

3. You WILL take notes on your computer and drink coffee by fourth year. No matter how resolved you are to not do these things in first year.

4. Diversity is something I appreciate in the population that surrounds me. That is all I will say on this matter.

5. The consistent wet, snowy weather will wear you down. Eventually you will find yourself seriously discussing the differences between water resistant and waterproof footwear, and would sell your soul for a cute, 100 % waterproof, and warm shoe.



{left is water proof, right is water resistant. THE DECISION}

6. The Freshman 15 is kind of a misnomer. More like the Normal-Life-fluctuations-in-weight 15.  Guess what, you probably won’t be the same weight you were in high school again. You were barely an adult then. It’s pretty normal for your weight to go up and down a few pounds for your whole life. This is not terrible, or unusual.

7. Kingston is a very cool and unique place. As someone from Toronto, who looooooved Toronto, I was skeptical of moving to a place with no subway line and felt like I was only going for the education. But being able to walk everywhere, live right on the water, and have easy access to a daily farmer’s market as well as get a great education is pretty cool. Much, much cooler than having to suffer through the TTC every day. Also there is a fantastic live music scene here. Thanks to the Vault for assisting me with this discovery!!!!


Some of this awesome live music: Craig Cardiff. This song is making me weepy lately

6 pet peeves + Faileo BBQ sauce


OBC is still going! I’m as shocked as anyone.

6 pet peeves of mine

1. Not being introduced to someone who my friend runs into. Or any variation of this!! This is probably the only pet peeve I actually rant about in real life, because I think it’s so lame and antisocial if you don’t introduce two people who obviously don’t know each other and they just have to stand there like losers. Maybe it’s because I’m always the loser in that situation, and not the fun chill friend with lots of acquaintances to run into, but I think it’s just good manners.

2.People who ask questions in class and obviously don’t have a real question but just want everyone to know they have thoughts. Just because you CAN ask a question, doesn’t mean you have to.

3. Cropped sweaters. WHERE is the logic in this?? Being an employee at American Apparel, I am exposed to this trend a lot and I am fiercely resisting it. My tummy gets cold k? We don’t need to crop everything.

{Her blank stare says it all: “cropped sweaters are fucking stupid”}

4. When movies show people wearing shoes while hanging out in their bed. No. Just no. No one in the history of real life would do this. Beds are sacred.

5. Overpriced kale. Kale costs literally nothing. You can’t get it to STOP growing. Grocery stores just raise the price cause they think its “fancy” and foodies are obsessed with it (guilty).

{the price a bunch of kale should be}

6. Large groups of people who don’t make room for someone walking the opposite direction but instead just smash into you and act all apologetic and surprised. YOU SAW ME COMING. you won’t lose all your friends if you walk in the front for a second. Or maybe you will, you guys seem lame anyways.

Coming up with 6 was kind of a struggle! While I tend to go on rants about things I hate a fair amount, I don’t write them down so remembering them all was tough.

So I attemped homemade BBQ sauce the other day….turned out more like tangy smoky marinara. I want to develop a quick recipe because I LOVE diana sauce but its so full of sugar and preservatives I don’t want to use it. There are a fair amount of Paleo sauce recipes, and I attempted this one, but it was way too tomato-y. I think just using tomato paste, and no tomatoes or onions would help with that? Not sure though.

Anyone out there try homemade BBQ sauce before? Any tips?

Song of the day; wish I could roll around in bed listening to this and eat plantain chips

Story of the blog + 3 ingredient chocolate


So for the OBC I’m supposed to post an outfit of the day but I feel like a huge wiener taking a selfie for the blog so NEXT.

-Story behind your blog name.

Weeeeellll this story is not that inventive. I wanted to name my blog strawberryseason, because at the time of blog-ception I was obsessed with Ontario strawberries (still am actually..) and liked the alliteration.

However, strawberryseason is NOT my blog name. The domain was taken, and I will note that hasn’t actually posted anything since 2011 so you tell me who’s blog is better. I went with chocolatechilichai because it sounded fun and those are some of my fave ingredients. THEN I discovered it is also a David’s tea. Serendipity, my friends.

{this tea is dope}

Since that was a shortie, I want to share my most recent obsession: 3 ingredient chocolate!!!!!!!

This recipe was born out of necessity. I needed chocolate, yet I had none. Nothing for a choco-fiend to do but get creative. Also, made use of my cute, fancy tin of Maldon flaked sea salt which entirely justifies it’s crazy price. this LITERALLY takes 5 minutes; I actually just went and made it again in the middle of writing this post.

However, if you don’t like coconut flavor, steer clear. While it is subtle, its definitely there and I know some people hate it.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Recipe

  • 3/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup high quality cocoa powder
  • 1/4-1/2 c maple syrup (could probably use honey)

Feel free to add some flaked sea salt on top if you want!

Mix together evenly, microwaving coconut oil to keep it liquid if necessary. Pour into mold of some form (I’m using silicon muffin trays, they rule), and freeze. Eat directly out of the freezer, they melt kinda quick! Think I’m gonna pour this over sliced ripe banana and make little frozen choco-covered bananas next time (edit: nope this was a bad idea. Don’t recommend)

Also note for all Kingston pals: Tara’s sells Callebaut brand Cocoa powder in bulk!! Its really affordable since you only have to buy what you need and its honestly the best cocoa powder I’ve had. Since I was once an employee of the Nutty Chocolatier, I would like to say I’m a chocolate expert, but really I only remember 2 things from that experience:

1. British choc.olate always tastes better cause they don’t put wax in it and 2. You cannot eat fudge as a snack without gaining a few.

Song for today! Saw these guys at the COOLEST new place on campus, the Isabel! This is by far my favorite song by them, it makes me wanna slow dance and drink champagne and stay up late.

Top 5 most significant movies


#OBC going strong!

So I changed top 5 fave movies to top 5 most significant movies in my life cause that will be much more amusing/interesting.

1. Dirty Dancing

This is adolescent Maggie’s dream life. Kinda awkward, curly haired teen falls in love at a summer resort with an older guy who can dance and it pisses her parents off. I had the sound track and would choreograph synchronized swimming routines to it by myself at my cottage. Not even cute dance routines with my cousins that I could watch and laugh at later. SOLO synchro routines, performed with the intensity of an Olympian but the skill of a dead fish. Probably watched it 50 times, and tbh I still think it’s great.

2. 500 days of summer.

I have no real explanation, except that I like this movie’s soundtrack and feel and I have been trying to find replicas of it’s serious-but-nonchalant attitude ever since.

3. The Saw series.

{no picture cause I’m too scared to google it}

Fun fact! My birthday is on Halloween. For most of middle school, this was the same day that the new Saw movie was released in theatres. This meant that EVERY YEAR, me and the absurdly large group of friends I had to have around me at all times (kids…) would go to the theatres to “celebrate”. I am literally so scared of those movies I start sweating when I hear the opening theme music. But I was apparently more scared of being uncool than nightmares cause I toughed it out, thanked my pack of friends for buying my ticket, internally congratulated myself for being so popular and cool, then proceeded to sleep in my parent’s bed that night.

4. Lord of the Rings Series

My sister and I watch these movies every Christmas break, extended version. That’s almost 2 full days of movie when you factor in the special features (which you should…). My fave is definitely the second, Two Towers. Maximal Aragorn/Legolas time, minimal angsty frodo, and several epic battles.

5. Rear Window

Fucking Grace Kelly. Her clothes, her hair, and she’s even some kind of ROYALTY? I can’t deal with that kind of class. My mom is really into old movies (as is my grandmother, but I guess they’re just movies to her?), particularly Hitchcock,  so I have some pretty fond memories of getting to stay up late cause some classic came on and I had to see it. Also pretty sure my appreciation/obsession for vintage clothes came from idolizing Old Hollywood actresses. This was always my favorite Hitchcock, partly because Grace Kelly was more elegant than my preteen self could handle, and also because Jimmy Stewart is a cutie.

{She wears this to visit him at his apartment…..}

Hope you enjoyed. Here’s song of the day: Take me out by Wooden Sky. I’m seeing them tomorrow and am pretty excited!

Thankful Tuesday


Whoa, look who’s back!

This post is nicely timed for Thanksgiving weekend. Wish I planned this, but I will capitalize on it nonetheless. In order to prevent me from getting extremely emotional and spending an eternity on this post, I’m gonna list smaller scale things I’m thankful for. I am obviously happy to be alive/have a roof over my head/be getting a great education/have free healthcare etc.


  1. Pumpkin chai season at David’s tea. YA IM BASIC K? I friggen love pumpkin spice everything and will drink pumpkin tea and light pumpkin candles and blather on about the beauty of fall and the changing leaves to my hearts’ content. But really, this tea is all I need. I try to limit my David’s obsession cause I have graduated from a tea shelf to a full on tea drawer, but honestly its their best tea.
  2. Skype, Facetime, snapchat, emoji, unlimited canada wide calling–>All the wonders of technology that make communicating in a long distance relationship easier and better. Dr Boyfriend moved to Dal to start med school and being able to see his face makes it way more bearable.
  3. Getting to hang with my sister/friends/mom/family this weekend. Also, love that I actually have a pretty chill week after it and can just appreciate my time at home instead of halfheartedly trying to study.
    1. RELATED: going to FRESH with my hip little friend Emma.

{quinoa onion rings are healthy right?!}

4. The Office. I have watched this show so so so many times but I love it and think it’s brilliant. I get so many chills/tears/feels during the series finale I have to watch it alone and in the dark.


5. My new apartment’s proximity to campus. Forgot my laptop charger? No problem. Need a snack? Better make it homemade. Should go to the gym but am too lazy? Too bad fucker you live right beside it now.

6. FALL CLOTHES. bring on the jeans, flannel, leather coats, closed toed shoes, SOCKS. Always been my favorite season, and always will be.

Sweetheart Chain Scarf in Toasted Coconut

{fueling my two obsessions: etsy and scarves. Pretty into this chain link scarf }

See ya later with more #octoberbloggingchallenge!

Pretty into this July Talk song.





Hey guys

Weeeoooo where did September go? Actually, I know the answer to that. September went to med applications, may they rest in peace. School is pretty good, for once I feel like I have a relatively manageable workload. It’s usually this time of year that I have an ‘oh shit’ moment where I realize I am way too over committed and have to scale back on something. Generally sleep, socializing, exercise (#priorities). But not this time! FOURTH YEAR IS CHILL.

I do miss feeling like I’m learning more. Between my seminars and thesis project, I’ve noticed that this year is a lot of self directed study. While this is cool and a nice change of pace, there is something to be said for quickly understanding a wide variety of concepts presented by an expert. Spending hours trying to understand a research paper kinda makes you forget how cool the subject is to begin with.

So I’ve noticed a trend in my blogging habits….I try to rejuvenate the blog by coming up with some new challenge then inevitably get too busy and it dies. But obviously I’ve learned nothing from this observation cause I’m doing it AGAIN! Enter the #octoberblogchallenge

IMG 8480

So I’m just gonna jump right in since I’m six days behind….

Goals for October!

I’m always so impressed by bloggers who do this monthly goal thing. I feel like the months in a semester just…happen to me. But here we go! I’m going to make this more interesting for all my readers and make these non school related.

  1. Actually do this challenge. I know it won’t be a daily thing, but I wanna try and do every few days!! My blog is one of my favorite activities and it does not get the attention it deserves.
  2. Shop at the farmers market more often (related: drag BFF to market with me)
    1. I’ve always loved the hippy granola culture of Kingston, despite the fact that this means they don’t put fluoride in their water and I got a zillion cavities after moving here. LESSON TO ALL FIRST YEARS: go see your dentist a lot. Fillings are expensive. Tangent aside, the farmers market in the square is incredible!!! I had never actually gone grocery shopping there before this past weekend. I would usually just go and pick up a few things, but it was fun to get everything there (and within budget!). Grass fed pork, sugar free bacon, free range eggs and the best squashes known to man will all be mine


{Feeling smug from the most local meal I ever concocted. All found at market. Grass fed apple sage ground sausage, roasted kabocha squash and sauteed kale nd apples. All mixed with this legendary sweet and smoky mustard I can’t stop eating.

3. Get in two morning workouts a week

  1. I absolutely despise working out in the morning but I am getting busier and it seems like a good habit to start getting into. Fun fact: I used to be a high level synchronized swimmer (LOL) and would wake up at 5 am every morning to train. It was horrible, and partly responsible for why I am no longer a synchronized swimmer. That and honestly, I wasn’t like the fucking picasso of synchro and it seemed wiser to focus on school.

4. FLOSS MORE–> this is related to the dental issues mentioned in 2.

THE END. I need to be realistic here, academia still reigns supreme in my life.

Chill song to wrap up the day–>feeling nostalgic about sweating through my bra at Osheaga while listening to these guys and hanging with my main man.