Meal plannin for the basic bitch


Whats upppp,


Another week, another set of meals! I haven’t been into food this week…idk. Meal planning was a definite struggle as nothing seemed as appetizing as toast and butter (when is this not true tho…) but I pulled something together using my staple meals and bland-ish foods.  I was also super busy with teaching and lab shit and my french course and contemplating med school applications and ALSO manage to do absolutely nothing for as much time as possible….(related: just discovered Hola, which gave me the godly gift of American Netflix.)

Anyways, here’s a list of my staple meals that I can rely on/eat without much thought. All gluten+dairy free if you so desire, which is something I’ve been aiming for lately. Last meal plan was posted here

Side note: Here is a pic of my attempt at paleo  faileo empanadas. Now I remember why I don’t cook very elaborate meals.


Monday: Turkey dogs on romaine lettuce bun with cado, ketchup and mustard. –>my friggen fave meal lately. No seriously I ate one of these a day since buying them. They’re so satisfying, healthy, crunchy, cado-y. Still not sick of it. Kinda like my feelings on this song….


Tuesday: Salmon, kale salad mix, russet potato homefries

RUSSET POTATOS ARE THE SHIT. Seriously. They taste like what every potato wants to taste like, you dont have to peel them cause the skin is tasty as fuck, and they cook way quick. Also the wine and herb salmon from the Loblaws/Metro fish counter has been my fave since I was 14. That was my birthday dinner request for YEARS. Just broil (on  high) til the skin gets nice and crispy. Feel Fancy

Wednesday: Nicoise salad. Also one of my go to faves. Tuna, egg, potato and green beans. Filling and quick, also pretty cheap. I generally just wing this salad, but here is a more detailed recipe. I use steamed green beans (or brussel sprouts, or arugula), hard boiled eggs, canned olive oil tuna and roasted/boiled potatos. Toss with this dressing (my go to) and scarf down while watching Sister Wives (american netflix <3).

Thursday: Breakfast for dinz

Scrambled eggs are the patron saint of bland, lazy cooking. I’m gonna spice it up by making a sweet potato/onion/roasted garlic hash and maple turkey sausage patties. If it tastes one millionth as good as the new maple biscuit breakfast sandwich from Tim’s I will be content.

Friday: Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad

Need I say more

Weekend: Homemade slow cooker meatballs and zoodz

Ill be posting this recipe ASAP  cause its unreal and easy. Also homey and yummy and not stomach-threatening. Zoodz are zoodles aka another reason for me to justify the existence of my spiralizer.

I always leave one day of the week unplanned (and during the school year this ups to 3 days of the week). Let’s you use up leftovers/have spontaneous poutine+world cup viewing parties with your roomie without letting food go to waste. Also I run out of ideas and am lazy.


Other shit I’m into lately

-Just tried Zico chocolate coconut water and WHOA. Like intensely cocoa-y chocolate milk. Usually when I hear people say shit like “This ~healthy substitute~ tastes just like ~ delicious, unhealthy food~” I dont believe them. You are deluding yourself if you genuinely think banana soft serve tastes like DQ because it most definitely does not. Doesn’t mean its not delicious, but it really bugs me that the only way people think they can sell healthier alternatives is if they compare it to junk foods.  HOWEVER, in a few rare instances I do prefer the “healthy” options over the traditional option.

Examples of this: lettuce buns>normal buns, ground turkey>ground beef, and now choco coconut water>choco milk. ITS REALLY THAT GOOD.

This post by snack therapy was amazing. It’s so refreshing to see a 20-something girl loving her body just the way it is, and it’s really something I admire.

-The Kitchn: like buzzfeed but useful and food related. Don’t know what took me so long, since I seem to be an expert in food related ways to waste time on the internet, but yeah. Go get lost in the multitude of links you can click, and start with this one: 10 Kitchen tips that blew our minds this year

Also from the Kitchn: this cool artist. making tiny art out of food

I’ve always had a weird obsession with miniature shit….probably due to my other obsession with fairies. I was a strange kid


Throwback to last summer with this song….always makes me think of my hip little friend Emma who would show me cool music and take me to shows. (miss you Emma)



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