An ode to the ‘cado



Soo despite a tumultuous week in which I dropped my phone in the toilet (…still not over it), lost/replaced/found my stupidly expensive keys, and basically resigned as an adult and called my mom/boyfriend whining more times than I’d like to admit, I’m in a great mood. Possible causes for this mysterious, unfounded happiness: it’s Thursday, I’ve started strength training again (if you want to get started, check out GPP workouts!), and I have plans to hang out on the fire escape and drink caesars with boyfriend later. Don’t hate it.

So no natural segway here, except that I am in a good mood–>Avocados are amazing–>here is a list of awesome avocado recipes. I have a full blown OBESSION with them right now. I’m averaging one a day, and I really only eat 2 big meals, so thats 1/2 a ‘cado per meal. Sometimes I literally have to reason with myself that it’s not really sustainable to eat 2 a day. In general, I’ll just slice one up into chunks and mix it in with whatever I’m eating; scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, on burgers/hot dogs/spoons. HOWEVER I have seen some prettttty creative ‘cado recipes floating around, and I’ve tried a few. Here is a list:

* Please excuse the excessive amounts of caps on this post. The love I feel for cado runs deep.

1. Cado fries

cado fries

HELLO. CADO FRIES. FRIED CADO. Crispy, salty, warm cado dipped into anything you want. So brilliant. I made these once and used way too much cornstarch and they kinda tasted like gooey cardboard and EVEN THEN they were still pretty good.

These ones from Stupid Easy Paleo are umm…super paleo haha. Avocado coated in crushed pork rinds is a bit too meaty for me, but hey. It’s probably delicious. Also try these from the Colorful Kitchen
2. Baked egg cado

Eggs Baked In Avocado Boats

This one has been on Buzzfeed way too many times, but I’m still intrigued. Scrambled eggs mixed with chunked cado is one of my faves, and I appreciate the creativity of this recipe. Pretty sure its just crack egg into cado pit, bake @ 375 for 15 minutes but having never made it I’m not totally sure. Any body made this one before?
3. Cado pasta sauce from Oh She Glows

MHHHHHHMMMMM. One of Oh She Glows best recipes. Cado, garlic, lemon juice. I use this on sweet potato noodles all the time and frigggggen love it. On soba noodz with some edamame….damn.
4. Cado pudding


Getting into the sweet cado recipes. CUZ AVOCADO IS SO FRIGGEN VERSATILE. My baby can switch it up no problem. I’ve never exactly followed a recipe for this, just blended cado, cocoa powder, maple syrup and some sea salt then chilled, but this is a good one!
5. Cado brownies

Chocolate-Walnut Avocado Brownies (Paleo & Vegan)

Pretty sure I made this awhile ago. And looked down my nose at anyone who wouldn’t eat them due to green chunks cause get over it amirite?!  You should be so lucky to get a pure, warm, chocolaty bite of cado. But that can easily be solved by being a more thorough blender. This recipe looks chill.
6. Cado milkshake/in smoothies

green smoothie

No brainer. I’ve ordered an avocado milkshake at Vietnamese restaraunts before and shit they know what they’re doing. But on a more daily basis, avocados in smoothies is delish. An avocado green tea smoothie sounds legit. I don’t do this often cause I don’t want to waste my cado rations in blended form, but I’m definitely gonna start incorporating it more. Probably starting here
7. Grilled cado with hot sauce


Cado in its purest form. First saw this idea on Pumps and Iron, which is awesome for workouts too. Spicy, delicious and available in seconds with my george foreman.
8. Huacamolayyyyy

No, this is not that creative but CMON.  HUACAMOLAAAAYYYY! Actually just saw this life changing tip for keeping guac from going brown and not mixing in lemon juice (does lemon juice belong in guacamole?! NO!)–> put a thin layer of water on it! So smart!!!

I am a bit of a guac purist and dont like chunks. I want smooth, garlicky, limey, spicy avocado without having to dodge tomato/onion/cilantro land mines. This is my quick, fave recipe

  • 1 avocado
  • 1garlic clove, grated
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • salt to taste
  • zest of 1/2 lime, juice of whole lime

Just mash/blend and consume.

9. Cado egg salad/chicken salad/tuna salad–>cado as mayo

Apple avocado egg salad no mayo

I will admit that that pic kinda looks like fancy vomit, but its actually deeeeelish. Im not always a fan of mayo (unless it is of the chipotle and smothered on sweet potato fries variety), and I am always a fan of cado so this makes perfect sense to me. Check it
10. Avocado caesar dressing


Could not BELIEVE how legit this dressing was. I love the premise of caesar salads: bacon, croutons, crunchy romaine. But fear of getting huge globby blobs of renees caesar in my mouth has kinda made me steer clear. THIS recipe is amazing, tastes caesar-y, and involves the king of foods, my beloved cado. I used it in my Brussel sprout caesar, and you should TRY IT.




I’m a bit late to the party on this song, but I love it so there


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