“Weekly” Meal Plan




Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Mine was pretty epic…managed to get 5 days and head up to cottage country with boyfriend. We did SO MANY ACTIVITIES. Seriously, its been so long since I had a designated buddy to drag around and accompany me on all of my adventures. We went canoeing, swimming, boating, water skiing, etc. It was awesome. No more of this begging my sister/mom/cousins to do stuff with me and convincing them that it would be fun. However,  I am le tired. and le burnt. This pasty white girl has not seen that much sun since she retired from her days as a camp counselor (going to stop talking in the third person immediately).


{found this pretty cute bird house/stone cottage at the former toy store of my youth. There is a very strong market for expensive, ornate bird houses in Muskoka.}

Due to some Day-after-tomorrow level storms that took out our power, we decided to head back to Toronto a day early. This meant we could also squeeze in a visit to the aquaaaaaaaaaariummmmmmmmm! And visit my little sis, who is becoming a pro baker in my absence.


{Look at that pie. Just look at it. Those are PASTRY MAPLE LEAVES. }

The Ripley’s aquarium in Toronto is fairly new, although if you’re one of my facebook friends you probably went to it about a year ago and posted a ton of pictures and are wondering why what took me so long to get to it. I LIVE IN KINGSTON NOW OKAY. Anyways, having seen most of these photos I had some expectations, and tbh it seemed a bit overpriced ($30 adult ticket). It was cool, and a solid way to spend a few hours, but it was pretty crowded (still!) and full of tiny children who have no sense of direction. The tanks also seemed a bit crowded, which made me feel weird and kinda bad. All in all, I think I would prefer watching the Deep Blue Sea disk of the planet earth series then going to the aquarium again, but seems like a good spot for kids.


{ooooh fish}


{“catch of the day”…hehe…heheh…}


{regret not buying that hat}

So I know its Friday, and that is the end of the week, but I only got back on Wednesday and still don’t have food. Time for groceries, and before groceries=meal plans! I honestly have no idea how anyone goes grocery shopping without a list. or a meal plan. I’d forget everything, get too overwhelmed by the produce or leave with way too much fruit and nothing else. So before grocery shopping, I always write down a few meals and ideas and the ingredients necessary  (sometimes literally typed out on my iphone while standing in the grocery store staring at fruit like a zombie).


{still trynna make cado happen}

Here’s the plan for this week/next few days

Friday: Coconut brown rice and then some sort of Pea/potato indian food thing on top.

Saturday: meh. probably wing it. I have a BBQ to go to and I’m probably bringing this potato salad, and that’s enough for one day.

Sunday: Paleo Empanadas!!!!! SO SO excited to try yuca dough.

Paleo Empanadas

Monday: Spring roll stuff in cabbage cups (peanut sauce, chicken, red peppers, cucumber chunks, not bean sprout cause they turn into a soggy wormy mess if you dont eat the entire bag in one day.)

Tuesday: Plantain fries, sauteed ground turkey and kale, fried eggs.

Breakfasts: smooooothies. Mango spinach banana protein powda nd cinnamon.

Lunch: leftovers/lettuce wraps/snack plates.


That’s wussup. I kinda feel like make some sort of peachy dessert since its stone fruit season and I fucking love peaches, but I also want to do other stuff so maybe not.


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