Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad


Hey blog friends,


How’s it going?! I’m pretty stoked cuz I’m headed up to my cottage for 5 days…really extending that long weekend hehe. I need to be one with nature. Although let’s be real, within one day I’ll be cursing the mosquitos and refusing to open my eyes in the lake. Jk, I never open my eyes in lake water. There are some things you just don’t want to see.

The reasoning behind this recipe went something like this: I want caesar salad–>I have brussel sprouts about to go bad–>brussel sprouts taste good with bacon–>brussel caesar salad. THE END.

Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad


This salad is easily modified to be vegan, paleo, or veggie. Simply swap out chicken and bacon for protein of choice (I’m thinking roasted edamame would be good, and also work with the green theme so bonus for color coordination).


(serves 2 very hungry people)

  • About 4 cups of brussel sprouts, halved (but keeping that little stem on them at the bottom so that when you cut them they dont flake into a million pieces. )
  • 2 decent sized chicken breasts, cut into chunks
  • about 6 strips of bacon
  • finely diced green onion *I really just threw this in cause it was about to go bad. Didn’t regret it tho
  • 4 cups chopped romaine lettuce
  • garlic, salt, pepper, hot pepper for seasoning
  • For the dressing: I used this one from Detoxinista and LOVED it. I also added capers because I really liked them in this vegan caesar dressing, although I’m sure it would be good without. Also for any fellow Kingston dwellers, Tara’s (aka food Mecca/where my money goes to die) sells very cheap nutritional yeast! Just look for the bulk bags.


  • Heat a medium sized frying pan with a bit of olive oil and add diced garlic. Once it starts to brown, add in chicken chunks. KEY: season the shit out of those chickin chunks. My chicken used to taste blah and thats cause I wayy underseasoned it. Add garlic salt, pepper, hot peppers, and then add them again.
  • Get the bacon going while chicken is cooking. Medium is best, unless you like very chewy bacon (in which case do low heat).
  • Let your meat cook and chop the sprouts/green onions/romaine.
  • Probably time to flip the chicken. SEASON AGAIN ON OTHER SIDE. Really, just do it.
  • Also time to flip bacon. Try not to get grease on you or less you become known as the girl who smells like bacon. Not the worst title, but also not the best.
  • Make dressing! I just put it all in my little food processor and weeeee let it spin. I love that thing.
  • Chicken is probs done (about 5-7 min on either side, or until it is no longer pink in the middle). Remove. Time to cook the sprouts: if bacon is not done, just drain a little bacon fat from the pan and put it in the chicken pan. Add sprouts (keep heat on medium, you want a bit of a char), SEASON and let cook for a few minutes.
  • Assemble the rest of the salad, chop bacon into chunks and remove brussel sprouts when they have a golden brown tint.
  • Add dressing and sprouts,  then feast!

Couple other things:

  • I’m very into this blog lately! Carly posts a lot of body-positive content, and her writing is hilarious.
  • FAVE DESSERT OF LATE: sauteed banana with coconut butter and salt. honestly salivating a little just writing that. I’m thinking sweet plantains would be best cause they wouldn’t get as mushy, so I’ll be trying that next.



{Mine looked something like this. Plus a large mountain of coconut butter.}

  • I’m kinda thinking of doing a Whole 30.  I have been kinda thinking of this for awhile, but been a bit wary cause of the whole no alcohol situation. It is summer, and I like caesars. And strongbow. However since booze makes my stomach twist up like I’ve swallowed a snake, it might just be time.
  • THIS PUGS OF WESTEROS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED. Honestly, if I ever got a pug I would become a full on hermit and never leave the house and just dress him/her up as various characters from my favorite movies and stop having a social life. Although not gonna lie, it would have been way funnier/cuter if the Prince Joffrey pug had been a puppy. Also considering Prince Joffrey as my potential future pug’s name. Other front runner: Pigwidgeon.
  • The nerdy scientist in me loves these histology plates. I always thought histology was kind of beautiful and clearly I’m not the only one. Although I don’t know if I could eat off them…maybe more of a display plate.

histoloy plates


  • Lastly, I recently ordered some Epic Bars off Barefoot Provisions. I am ridiculously excited for their arrival. It is a testament to my desperation to try these that I spent 12 dollars on shipping on these babies. You know I have a job when…

What I’m listening to today (besides Don’t Wait cause I’m still crushing on that song):


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