Fave blog recipes+ being paleo


Hello world!

So I haven’t blogged in awhile…wuteva. My blog, my rulez. Tbh, school kinda got crazy (I say this about once a week) and the blog slipped from my radar. I moved, started two new jobs, and have been slowly eating myself into a diabetic coma due to the amount of ice cream I make/eat. Major props to my little minion sister Shelagh for buying me that wonderful appliance.

This summer has been pretty amazing so far. My new place comes with a fire escape that is perfect for lounging in the sun, I’m not writing the MCAT (moment of silence for this blessed occurrence plz), boyfriend and best friends are always nearby and its STRAWBERRY SEASON. Although the last strawberry I ate maybe had a worm in it. I say maybe cause I ate most of it before realizing….

In terms of recent eats, I’m kinda digging paleo lately. I know I know, I was vegan last summer and paleo this summer. I’m experimenting okay? I initially wanted to try veganism because of the scientific literature I’d read supporting its health benefits. Forks over Knives and The China Study were both large influences in my decision to try veganism, and although they are controversial sources, I wanted to give it a shot. Going vegan just wasn’t sustainable for me because:

1) I love bacon

2) I love eggs

3) It resulted in me eating wayyy too many carbs.

4) I found that it was too restrictive

These last two are really why veganism didnt work for me. I would try to cook exciting vegan meals but would always end up relying on granola, toast, protein bars to fill me up. It was also kinda tough to go out for meals, go home to my parents place, and just not eat in my own kitchen in general. I’m pretty social, and hate feeling limited in those kind of situations.

Paleo has its own kind of restrictions, but I find they fit a lot easier into my diet. Avocados, coconut oil, bacon, ground turkey, scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes are some of my top fave foods and I love that I’ve found a diet/lifestyle/community that incorporates all those regularly. Plus the science behind paleo is pretty interesting. Its more of a meat and fat focused diet, and although I wouldn’t say its low carb, it isn’t grain based at all. There is a fair amount of fat (saturated or mono unsaturated) in a paleo diet, which is something I’m still struggling to be comfortable with. I have been taught in school that saturated fat results in heart disease, atheroschlerosis, all over badness, etc, but there is some very interesting contradicting research regarding saturated fat and heart health. You can read more about it here and here if you feel so inclined.

Here are some of the paleoish blogs I’ve added to my rotation:


The Paleo Mom

Stupid Easy paleo

Paleo Parents 

ANYWAYS, this blog isn’t really a nutrition blog, because despite my mother’s insistence that I should go into nutrition (“it combines science and food! It’s your thing!” Thanks mom…), I don’t find metabolism/nutrition research that interesting. I’m very thankful for the people who do this research, and think it’s super important, but just naaaat for me.

So it’s no secret that I have a blog obsession. I have about 15 or so I check regularly, and have been reading a few for years (#obsessed). Here’s a round up of my fave recipes from said blogs, in no particular order! I have made all of these at least 3 times at some point in my culinary adventures/failures, so I can vouch for their deliciousness.

  • Plantain Pancakes from The Paleo Mom–>SO UNREAL. I was a big fan of the 2 ingredient banana egg pancake, although it often turned into a weird sweet egg scramble. Sounds gross, tasted delish. but then I found The Paleo Mom and her pancakes and my mind is forever changed!! These pancakes have the best texture, and I love the ingredients. Simple and healthy, with no compromise on taste. Bonus: the recipe makes a wicked paleo muffin.
  • Roasted new potato and asparagus salad from Oh She Glows–> the dressing in this salad is pure genius. It’s oil free, goes great on literally every salad you’ve ever made, and can be whipped up in about 5 seconds. The salad itself is pretty good, but the dressing is what really gets me.
  • Breakfast Cookie dough cereal by The Fitnessista–> The first blog recipe I ever tried! There was a solid few months where every breakfast I ate came from the Fitnessista. I think this recipe is so inventive, and although I don’t really eat it anymore, it was a big hit (. Also, packs up nicely to take to the library (*shudders at thought of eating breakfast in library again*).
  • Rhubarb berry crisp by Edible perspective–> Again, not so much of a favorite nowadays, but man I made that breakfast about 5 times. Great for lazy sunday/tuesday mornings, this was the first time I ever appreciated rhubarb.
  • Shredded chicken and caramelized plantains by PaleOMG–> I sub shredded chicken and kid myself that I will have leftovers. Perfect with some ‘cado (I’m trying to get ‘cado to happen.)

So that’s whats up. Apologies for the lack of pics in this post, I’m trying to get better at taking them!!

Here’s one of my current song obsessions…..if boyfriend saw this he would groan cause I literally play it on repeat, and then also sing it. BUT IT’S JUST REAL GOOD OKAY


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