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da usual eats



So somehow its Halloween…..? I know everyone always says September flies by, but this year it felt exceptionally fast. Since I just finished my MCAT on the 28th of August, I felt my only break was in September and boy did I take advantage of it. Between sleeping, seeing friends and occasionally attending my classes I feel like I barely remember September. But lets be real, that may be alcohol related, I had a lot of partying to make up for after my summer of deprivation and responsibility

Moving on to food! Not gonna lie, I kinda went off the deep end for a bit there food-wise. I had almost no appetite, hardly cooked and toast became a staple in my diet. I think I was just rebelling against doing anything responsible in my life after spending a summer studying. I’ve been slowly easing myself back into cooking, but I’m definitely leaning more towards quick, easy meals. Here’s a bit of what this looks like:


Honestly, I eat basically the same thing for breakfast every day. I occasionally go through phases, but since I’ve sorta stopped eating eggs, I now almost exclusively eat protein oatmeal for breakfast. It is exactly what it sounds: I mix protein powder with instant oatmeal and pour boiling water on it. I top it with fruit and nut butter, and eat it while I ponder what I’m going to wear to class.


Lunch is whatever I can find. This actually isnt proving to be the best strategy for me, since it results in me starving to the point where I scavenge fries from my friends lunches like a hungry animal (thanks Ryan!). Note to self: work on this. My real lunches are often hummus snack plates, lettuce wraps, green smoothies or just a larabar and an apple.


I have a few go to meals, and unless I’ve seen a recipe I planned for, I stick to them. These include

  • Quinoa bowls: quinoa + leafy green steamed in microwave+ protein I have with some form of sauce. Hot sauce, soy sauce, peanut sauce, wuteva.
  • Chicken/salmon, sweet potato, green vegetable
  • Zucchini/spaghetti squash spaghetti: I found this julienne peeler, and it has changed my life. I’ve always had a weird hate for pasta, mostly cause there’s minimal nutrition but also cause I find it boring. Solution is to turn vegetables into spaghetti, and this peeler allows me to do that in much less time. I’m actually hoping to make an upgrade to a spiralizer¬†soon, to make all my sweet potato spaghetti dreams come true (there’s a lot of them)

Dinner is often either a quinoa bowl or protein and veggies. I try to lean towards veggies as my carbs for dinner, since I know I rely more on grain based carbohydrates for lunch and breakfast. I’m in an anti salad phase right now though, so rarely do they make an appearance. I think I overdid it on salads in high school, cause I find them extremely unappetizing.

Of course, this is just how I try and structure my diet. I rarely ever turn down pizza, particularly if it’s free. And I frequently get too busy to cook actual meals and wind up eating green smoothies that sort of taste like sludge for dinner. But hey, I’m trying here.

In honor of the great Lou Reed and all the beautiful music he brought into the world, here is my favorite Velvet Underground song