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Farm Box Fairy


Hello world!

So on this lovely Saturday morning I have made use of some serious methods of procrastination. Knowing I should be studying, I cruised Buzzfeed (my old friend from exam time…), foodgawker, and facebook for about 3 hours. I then decided I should just give up on the idea of studying before work, and blog about the wonderful thing that happened to me on Thursday.


{so much green}

I picked up my first ‘farm box’ from Roots Down Organic Farm!

One fateful microbiology class in February, I decided to impulsively spend my meager savings on a biweekly share in a CSA for the summer (June to October). I have since looked forward to June 20th (on the days I wasn’t completely forgetting about it and hoping I hadn’t missed it) and it finally came!!!

How it works:

  • Give ~$275 directly to a nearby farmer for fresh veggies.
  • Get an abundance of green things delivered to a local pick up spot every other week.
  • Don’t visit grocery store and have consumer anxiety about buy expensive vegetables from CALIFORNIA when you know most of them are growing an hour away.
  • Feel good about your decisions

Here’s what I got this time

  1. Bag of mixed greens
  2. Bag of asian greens (they look kind of like bok choy)
  3. 1 head of broccoli
  4. 1 bunch of radishes
  5. 1 pint of snap peas
  6. 10 garlic scapes (the green sprouty thing from a garlic clove…kinda like a green onion but garlic flavoured!!!)

This is a lot of greenery for one girl, especially for one who will be leaving for Toronto for a few days next week. I have high hopes, but low expectations regarding how much of this I will eat before it goes bad.

Here are the recipes I am going to try to use up my goodies

1. Garlic Scape Pesto – a heavily substitued version of this…I’m thinking pine nuts and olive oil but no cheese. And maybe some basil if my plant decides to come back to life at all. This recipe can be frozen too!

2. Swiss chard wraps- just use the leaves of the chard to wrap up your favourite sandwich fillings. These ones look so good, and I love Leanne’s blog (and tuna).

{Some day I will take photos this nice…maybe when my camera isn’t also my phone}

3. Stir fry- those asian greens and broccoli are calling out for some kind of chicken cashew thing.

My issue with home made chinese food is the same one I have with home made indian food…I can never get the sauces right. I have attempted indian food so many times, because it incorporates my one true food love, coconut milk. And every time, I think…meh. Then I curse at the epic mess I made, wait a couple weeks, and repeat. I think I need to work on my spice blends.

Anyways, I will try again! I think I’m going to rigidly follow this recipe (minus fish sauce..don’t like this ingredient enough to buy an entire bottle)

4. Juicing!! The gods smiled down upon me when my boyfriend’s house disbanded and a juicer was left behind. Obviously, I quickly offered to take it for them and give it a good home. It has been taking up residence on my counter for awhile, but the many parts and lack of direction manual has made me a little afraid. My favourite green juices have always had a blend of cucumber, greens, apple and mint, so I want to try something like that.

If only I hadn’t also killed my mint plant….good thing I don’t want any pets.


{It’s a thing of beauty}

Alright, I’m going to get out of my pjs and get ready for work….after making a green smoothie with my bounty. Have an excellent weekend friends

Two songs today!

The National is my latest obsession. A little melancholy, a little introspective, lots of acoustic…can’t believe I didn’t get into them sooner. Sometimes I gotta turn them off though, or else I never leave my house.


If I’m feeling too down from the National, I just switch over to Macklemore. Yes, The Heist is an excellent album, but The VS EP is really really good too. This song is the perfect blend of up beat and low key, which is usually just what I need for studying.