Havin’ a kale of a time….


I don’t know whether to be impressed or embarrassed by how quickly I came up with that pun. I can’t cohesively write an essay anymore, but I CAN make sad vegetable jokes with ease.

With that sparkling intro, I’m here to chat about kale. One of my favourite veggies, because of its amazing superfood status as well as its hearty flavor. Also, I weirdly find it to be very beautiful …its so curly and pretty!!! No? Just me?

kale dress


{You rock that kale dress, lamb. I get it}

Here’s why you should eat kale:

  • It contains more than a day’s worth of vitamin A, K (for kale! but no, not actually), and C.
  • Good source of minerals: copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus
  • Source of antioxidants: carotenoids and flavanoids specifically, in a very simplified explanation they combat ageing/cancer inducing free radicals. KALE MAKES YOU LIVE LONGER GUYS (don’t quote me on that)
  • Lots of fiber, little fat, low calorie=filling up on good stuff

So now you just wanna run out and grab the prettiest bunch of kale to bring home and munch on right?! Well no, because raw kale is a daunting and (initially) intimidating vegetable. Do you eat it like lettuce? Do you cook it? Should I eat the stems? How do you turn them into chips?

Never fear, dear reader. As a major kale enthusiast, I have made all the kale-eating mistakes one can make (hint: there aren’t that many. It’s only a vegetable). Learn from me! Also check out these fantastic recipes to integrate kale into your daily life


purple kale

{purple kale for the fashionistas}

Tips for cooking with/eating kale

  • Nope, don’t eat the stems. They are as tough and bitter as my old middle school teachers. Just tear the leaves off into bite sized chunks. If I’m feeling especially kitchen savvy I’ll wash and rip up and entire head of kale and throw it back in the produce bag for quick using throughout the week 
  • If you don’t normally wash your veggies (it happens), put in the extra special effort for kale. Kale is on the Dirty Dozen, and tends to have high levels of pesticide residue (if not organic).
  • It lasts for a WHILE though. I once rinsed a head of kale real quick and stuck it in my fridge in a bag, forgot about it, then found it a MONTH later and it was still crispy. Not joking guys. None of that slimy spinach shit here, just add a little water and wrap it up and itll last for at least 2 weeks, usually more.
  • As for most leafy greens, undercooking is better, taste wise.

Annnnnd the recipes!

kale sweet potato hash

1. Kale Sweet Potato Hash-smoked paprika is KEY here, also amazing in all other regards.

2. Kale+grain bowls- this is my go to meal. Cook up a big batch of rice/quinoa/couscous to use throughout the week and just toss a protein and steamed kale in there (time saving tip: you can steam shit in the microwave.). Makes you feel all smug and healthy since there’s so many superfoods in one meal

My go to combo is kale, quinoa, cashews, chickpeas with curry and hot sauce. Takes about 15 minutes to pull together once you’ve made it a few times and very filling/delicious (also, CHEAP).

3. Raw kale salads: the options are plentiful. Give er a search on the google. MOST IMPORTANT PART: make the dressing and let the kale marinate. or else youll be chewing on that raw kale like a masticating cow. The vinegar in the dressing helps tenderize the rough kale. This also means leftover kale salads are da bomb.

Some of my fave kale salads

Weekend Glow Kale salad

Kale apple Coleslaw– this is my new favourite way to enjoy kale: shredded!

Kale and Fig Salad (on my menu this week)

4. The infamous kale chips!!!!! I dont know about you guys, but I’d read about kale chips forever before I actually attempted them, and then it took equally forever for me to figure out how to make them taste good. The most delicious ones are made from a dehydrator. I”m sorry to tel you that, but its true. To get the saucy crispy DELICIOUS kale chips youll find in the bags at health food stores, you need to use low heat for a long time. This means using a dehydrator or your oven, on it’s lowest heat with the door open.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy kale chips without a dehydrator though! They just wont be the full flavoured kind you’ve probably seen on health blogs/stores. For oven kale chips, keep it simple. Some flavoured olive oil, salt and some choice seasonings are best (I like garlic salt, pepper, dill, or smoked paprika!).

To make kale chips in the oven, simple rip up bite sized pieces of kale, massage in the oil and seasonings, then spread on a baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes at 350. watch these suckers carefully, burnt leaves taste pretty bad guys.

If you are lucky enough to have a dehydrator (aww yeah, welcome to the club), Angela’s recipes are THE BEST.

Alright friends, I’m starting my MCAT course at the bright and early hour of 8:30, so I’m gonna cut this off now. Even though I could probably write about kale for another hour…….

see ya!

Tonight’s jam: My mama often plays Billie Holiday while she cooks or else “its just too boring” (I did not get my cooking obsession from her, that’s for sure). Although a master chef she is not, she is the hardest working, selfless, smart and down to earth woman I know. In honor of mother’s day and my awesome mom, here’s a little Billie:






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