The Adventures of Maggie and Kelly at Luke’s Gastronomy!



Lately I’ve been up to my eyeballs in midterms, and then had the huge misfortune of getting incredibly sick. I seriously believed that studying while being that ill was going to kill me, so I didn’t really have the willpower to do anything else (like blog, go to school, change out of my pjs….). BUT ITS READING WEEK NOW!!! and yes, I do have some serious reading, but not today!! or tomorrow!! maybe monday, but hey, thats a whole glorious work free weekend!

And I have stories for you, dear readers!! So before I got sick, my room mate Kelly and I had a date planned. And this was a highly anticipated date. See, my other room mate Adrienne (also known as very best friend who left me for Switzerland) had talked about this restaraunt called Luke’s here in town that served fancy, molecular gastronomy type food. She went with her parents, but Kelly and I have…ummm….turkey/potatoes/beer kinda parents, so we decided to go together!

That was last year. As fate would have it, Groupon was having a deal a month ago($40 for $80 worth of food) on Lukes, so I bought it! Anyways, short story is that this date was a long time coming.

Now time for the photos!!!


{gettin’ romantic with Kelly}

So the menu was really small… and all the items had weird names with not-very-descriptive descriptions. The usual for a “concept” kind of restaraunt.  Also, it was REEEALLLLY slow, which makes sense. The restaraunt only has 5 tables, one waitress and one cook.  Also, the food is very carefully crafted.  it was an experience people.

{Note: it was suggested to me by Ryan that maybe this restaraunt was some huge joke, since on paper it sounds like the worst restaraunt in Kingston. This suggestion was met with an eyeroll and a condescending tone, although, in hindsight, I had the same thought during dinner. Sorry Ryan.}

First course

Kelly got: CHEVRE NAPOLEON Chèvre, oat tuiles, black olives, Clover Honey, balsamic


{all she really talked about was the cheese, so I think it was good!}

I got: “CAESAR”, Romaine Ice Cream, Bacon Jam, Asiago, Garlic


{yes that really is romaine flavoured ice cream. It was on top of an asiago chip thing, with bacon jelly spheres and a garlic dressing}

The Verdict: it was cool! it really tasted like a caesar, but I didnt love with texture combos of ice cream with garlic mayo. Kelly liked hers, although neither of us could figure out which part was which.

Second Course

We both got something called “Coffee and Biscuits”


{still not entirely sure what was in this}

The Verdict: it was disgusting I’m afraid. They were little jelly cubes of something, maybe coffee, with dehydrated coffee “crisps” on top, in a sweet, yet kinda earthy broth. That green thing is arugula. It was really bitter, and smelled kinda like the agar gel mediums we use in my Microbiology class to grow E.coli.

Third Course

Kelly got: BLUES JUNKIE GOAT, (Or, How Coffee Was Discovered)-Goat, Yoghurt, Coffee, Chillis, Spice, Pomegranate, Dates, Almonds, Carrot ( hey kelly there was carrot in there!)


{we both agreed it should have come with instructions}

I got: CURIOUS DUCK FROM MARS –Leg Confit, “Pulled” Breast, Caramelized Onion Pain Perdu, Tomato, Duck Comet, Marshmallow


{There is a picture of Mars in between two plates…kinda cool!}

The Verdict: This was by far the best course. Duck is AMAZING, and it had this spiced tomato sauce with carmelized onions. Yes, there were pop rocks on that little spoon and a marshmallow attached to that white rock, but it was good! It all kinda went together. Kelly thought hers was good, the goat was also delicious, but hers had a lot of separate components that we weren’t sure what to do with. Particularly the sauce….it came in a little egg cup and we weren’t sure if you were supposed to dip it, pour it, or drink it like a shot. Pretty sure mine was better.

Here is where we realized we were going to be very late for a previous engagement, and had to SKIP DESSERT! I was crushed.


Meh. Honestly, the main course was amazing, but I was a bit underwhelmed. The atmosphere was kind of average, and I expected a nice place for the very pricy meal we got. And that second course was grooooooss. Plus, we did not get nearly enough food! We may have made a pitstop at a well-known fast food restaraunt for a quick snack before heading out (it may or may not have been McDonalds….).That being said, the wait times and price were to be expected, and I really like the philosophy of using local stuff. Plus it was cool! Anyways, we wont be going back but glad we went once! Really fun experience.

Kelly’s music pic:

See ya tomorrow with a belated Valentines day dinner menu!


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