Crushed (like garlic) under the weight of midterms


Hi friends!!!!

Oh how I’ve missed you!! This week has been insaaaaaaane, so I have not blogged nearly as much as I would like. Two midterms on either end of a week full of labs (read: lab reports) will do that to a girl. Also, my Internet connection has decided to be as inconsistent as my feelings on mushrooms (do I like them? Don’t i? I don’t know!!!) so I haven’t even been able to blog when I want to! Wah!

Anyways, I resolve that on Friday, you my dear readers will get a recipe!

For now, I offer you a tip that has made my life in the kitchen much easier:

(Fun fact: I went to a “do you want to go to med school seminar” and the facilitator told us that a well known interview question at a particular school was “can you teach me something?” Ever since then I have slightly obsessed over what I would teach, and landed on this. No, its not that impressive. Hopefully I come up with something better in the years to come)

The easiest way to peel/chop garlic

-I love garlic. In fact, I use it so much I can rarely get the smell out of my hands (not cute I have to say). That being said, I peel and chop a lot of garlic and have devised the easiest way to do so, because I am efficient and also lazy.

1. Peel garlic by placing it flat on a cutting board and hitting it with the flat part of your knife ( saw them doing this on iron chef and was amazed. Ilu iron chef)

2. Flaky bits of garlic skin should have split under your knife, making them easy to peel off in one go! Do that!

3. My profesh tip: get a fine blade grater. Like one of those ones you use for Parmesan cheese. Just grate that sucker. Don’t chop at all. The pieces will be too big, meaning you’ll bite into them and overwhelm your palate (ooh look at me using the word palate) and the flavor won’t spread around. Also it’s faster, tiny cloves of garlic are hard to chop!

Sorry for the lame-o post, stay with me guys!! Let the Internet gods look down upon me with mercy (also, while I’m at it, the organic chemistry gods too). See ya Friday!!


my study jam!



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