Sweet Potato Coconut Lime Soup



I have an awesome recipe to share today. Its creamy, spicy, and perfect for those cold slushy days that make you want to put plastic bags around your feet to keep them dry (judge all you want but my feet were dry and my boots were not). Even more important, its one of the first original recipes from yours truly!

Usually if I have an idea in my head for a recipe, I’ll google some of the ingredients first to see if there’s any variations of it out there (white chocolate rosemary ice cream, I’m coming for ya). From there I’ll look at a couple recipes and mix and match what I like from each.

UNTIL NOW! I am happy to report that I have reached another level in cooking. Maybe I’ll buy myself a graduation present (in the form of some pricy peanut butta). I had an idea for this soup and ran with it. No recipe checking needed.

Sweet Potato Coconut Lime Soup

I decided to speed this recipe up by microwaving the sweet potato until soft. If youre not into the microwave, that’s fine, just bake your sweet potato at 350 for about an hour ahead of time and peel off skin before adding to soup.


{NOTE: this is not my photo. I tried to take a pretty photo of my soup, with a garnish even, only to discover that my camera from grade 10 is no longer compatible with my computer. I discovered this after I ate the soup. It was the last serving. So here is a rough estimation (although, for the record, mine had a cute little lime wedge on it). }


  • 1 hefty sweet potato (probably between medium and large if you wanna be specific), peeled and cubed
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic, grated
  • 1 tsp grated ginger (fresh is better, and feel free to add more if you really want some gingery flavor in there)
  • 2 tbsp thai red curry paste OR 1 tbsp hot sauce, 2 tbsp curry powder and 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1 can full fat coconut milk*
  • 1 cup chicken/veggie broth
  • 1 lime
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (any oil is fine but I was rolling with the coconut theme)

*if you wanna do light coconut milk, feel free, but bear in mind that the soup will be a bit watery.

Makes about 6-7 cups of soup! About 4 generous single portions.

1. In a large soup pot heat the oil on medium. Add in garlic, onions, ginger and saute until onions soften

2. Chop up sweet potato while onions are doing their thang. Put in microwaveable bowl.

3. Add coconut milk and broth to soup pot, and turn up the heat a little bit. Add spices/curry paste and stir.

4. Microwave sweet potato cubes until softened. They should retain their shape, but be easier enough to chew. I did mine for about 5 minutes.

5. Add sweet potato to soup, let it simmer for about 5-1o minutes to let the flavors meld a bit. Here’s a good time to add the zest and juice of your lime, unless you want it for a garnish.

6. Puree using blender, and serve!

This soup was amaaaaazing. I’ve always been a big fan of squash soups, particularly butternut, but this one is so simple it might be my new fave. It would have been even simpler if my very bestest friend hadn’t moved to Switzerland for exchange and taken her immersion blender with her (did you really need it in Switzerland? youre not gonna be making soup! ….miss you).

But I digress.

Make this soup. Its  been taste tested by a few members of my household, and they agree.

To make up for my photo fail, here’s a picture of the pretty mug my baby sis got me for Christmas (also a test to see if she’s reading this)


{filled with chai tea of course}

Also, if you love yoga like myself, check out this link! Good thing to be aware of

How to avoid yoga injuries

This song has been stuck in my head ALL DAY


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    • So good right?! Yay I figured it was you who was reading from Ireland. Thanks! I love it too, a little distracting though haha. Hope you and Dave are doing great!

  1. Sorry about the immersion blender. It’s gathering dust until I get back and make this delicious sounding soup! Miss you too and thanks for the official title 🙂

    • :):):):):):):) yes well, we’ll have lots of soup making to do when you get back! Youre welcome:) if you start your blog I’ll link you!

  2. Hey!!!!!!! I lov it! Why don’t you do soothing like that ice cream we made at Christmas! Very funny I will follow it like I follow aliens! Looks great!

    • thank you for the double post little one. mmmm youre right that was amazing. and original. thanks for the tip! also make mom read so far she is like, my #10 fan. not impressed

  3. Hey!!!!!!! I lov it! Why don’t you do soothing like that ice cream we made at Christmas! Very funny I will follow it like I follow aliens! Looks great!!!

  4. Look very tasty but hardly what the crowd in East York will eat! I will check in (just to see how you are spending all your free time 🙂 but probably won’t be trying the recipes…love you!

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